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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


I hate this,this is how I want my stuff to look.You can tell when someone like raputha or tactical gamer creates stuff. It makes me want to stop making stuff in a sense. Great job so far raputha.


You still have amazing tourney reports!


I’m down to help out with Vet memedecks. I’ll let F8 handle the meta decks because you know… he’s actually good.


It was i, and so am i flattered. thank you


swank compliment man thx! You still wanna proofread when i have more content btw?


You really should not need to feel like that though. You produce a lot of high quality content for Duelyst and its community kirabi. I always like to read your stuff.


Will it be released in HTML with full working links or flat bunch of images ?


I don’t have much, if any knowledge on how to work with html sadly. It will be more like a screenversion of a pdf document meant for printing. Altough i could work interactive links into the pdf itself, InDesign has some nice functions for this. thanks for the idea!


Pretty sure we can turn files from word/docs to .pdfs then upload the pdf.


Don’t know how that would help or what to achieve with it. I’m already layouting it in InDesign from the start, no word docs involved.


Indeed, links are a must have minimum on such a digital medium. Especially when you provide stuff like deck lists, streamer interviews etc.


as i’m doing such a communitydriven thing for the first time, i wonder what links i should put into the final work. For sure links to pages of forum members when they are mentioned or work from them is used. youtube and twitchlinks i guess for people who have it. Anything else you think is important? I’m gonna build in links to get from the table of contents to a certain page and back maybe too.


Decklists on bagoum (for instance), also provide contact for feedback, article submission or further release through email links (newslettername@gmail.com) :wink:


Thank you! I’ll keep these in mind :slight_smile:


I just noticed that @epicflygon liked EVERY reply to this thread, except for his own. You seem to like this xD


You have made me sign the dark contract of me liking every post…




I would absolutely be willing to proofread!
It’s usually a good idea to have at least two other people. :sunglasses:


How about introducing some “Makantor Magazine” articles? News for the Spikey players under us?


It would be my pleasure to serve as one of those 2