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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


For something looking like a newspaper, can’t think about anything without “Herald” in it … and for Duelyst, could be … The Azure Herald :wink:


In what order would you rank these name options for the Duelyst newsletter? Please read the choices carefully.

  • The Mythron Wanderer is the best name, then The Araras Prophet, then The Azure Herald
  • The Mythron Wanderer is the best name, then The Azure Herald, then The Araras Prophet
  • The Araras Prophet is the best name, then The Mythron Wanderer, then The Azure Herald
  • The Araras Prophet is the best name, then The Azure Herald, then The Mythron Wanderer
  • The Azure Herald is the best name, then The Mythron Wanderer, then The Araras Prophet
  • The Azure Herald is the best name, then The Araras Prophet, then The Mythron Wanderer

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Can anyone teach me how to get Duelyst pixel art from game files on a Mac? @epicflygon told me it was possible, but I still didn’t figure out how. :sob:


I don’t really like any of the names except for Azure Herald purely by process of elimination. The newsletter will have a hard time gaining permanency if whatever minion, spell or artifact it is named after is rotated, if it is in two years.


I really wish I thought of that when I was naming my site. The Azure Herald makes so much sense. Maybe in the future I will “rebrand” the site

Sidenote- I really love how guys are responding to this post it makes me wish I did this for my site. I mean planned to do something like this but I wanted to be set up and establish first before reaching out for help but this real cool. I wish this idea nothing but good luck and they are plenty of ideas here I want “to steal” for my stuff.


But the Mythron Wanderer has been around since the beginning, and will presumably still be around after his card rotates, on the title screen. That, and the Mythron cards will continue to be notable even after they rotate out simply because of how unique they are. They’re not like some underpowered legedaries that will be forgotten even before their expansion rotates out. Good or bad, they’re all inherently iconic by sheer virtue of their uniqueness.

And honestly, I can’t think of a character or creature that better serves as the symbol of all Duelyst.


i dont even care to check if araras prophet is even spelled correctly. that should tell you how memorable the card is


You could interview the winners of each monolithe climb tournament after they happen


I’m down for whatever you need honestly. If people want to read this stuff I’m willing to help.

I can even promote it on my stream as well as the Tournaments that I will be hosting in the near future.


Alternatively you can use bagoum.



I’m working on the layout and some introductory planning stuff right now! I’ll try to compile the ideas from here later on and structure it in a sensible way (with buffers for more or less content per topic)

P.S.: Also thanks for all the engagement in this project! (: makes me very happy :smiley:

Also oh god now theres pressure :sweat:

Also this won’t necesarily be a recurring thing, for the moment i will do this version and only it and then later on i might do another if enough time has passed for enough new cool content for a second magazine. Like after an expansion. But for now let’s look how this works out first, it’s gonna be a lot of work :slight_smile:


So my table of contents looks roughly like this rn:

  • Articles (theyll get spread through the magazine, flygon, halcyon already said they might submit articles, if any young writer seeks the spotlight of being published in an (renowned) magazine, they could as well xD)

  • Decklists divided in 3 sections, those being metadecks, budget ladderdecks and meeeemedecks ofcourse. Finding those won’t be hard, but if anyone wants to help compile some, theyre welcome. Following metadecks there will be a

  • Tierlist(s) section. Tierlists from famous good players like grinch. The magazine wont release before some of those will get released anyway so i guess well wait for these. Or maybe someone wants to reach out for me to give me some. Ill ask the guys who made them, in cse they dont want me to use their content of course, thats fine

  • Interviews Gonna Interview lots of forum members i think, also you guys can interview each other if you want, or if you get them too, interview streamers and provide the intervies in textbased format. I’m gonna do it the way you prefer it.

  • Others things like card spotlights, fanart, poems and the like towards the end, always crediting the artist, author etc. I don’t want to come across like im stealing content and compiling it into a need looking pile of pages, i wanna get some guys to the public and provide fun and interesting content. I hope i can do that as it is my first try with something of this scale of community involvement.

So what do you think? should i add/remove something?


I have about a page long write on first turn advantage if you want to see it, it is a thread rn


I will give it a look later yeah :smiley:


Heres a little teaser of the early works :wink:


I was thinking that these could be released monthly, spread out enough that we have time to write these and regular enough that it can keep people filled in.


Who is the author of the text presented? Well written, I have to admit.


Looks really swank!


Looks great! :sirpenti:


yo this shit real cool fam