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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


I can lend you a hand with that if need be.


15secrets :sirpenti:




oh not this again.


Super cool idea, but takes dedication to sustain. Envy and a group of others have tried. I’m skeptical. Well if you need some art, I’m down for some exposure


I see what you did there. :dizzy_face:


Managlow had the problem of being badly managed, turn1mystic had a lot of controversy, 9moons just kinda faided and the bad magmar has yet to take off.


we’ll see ¯_(ツ)_/¯
if it actually takes off, I’m pretty sure Duelyst will gather that much more positive attention.
Helps the devs to centralize opinions as well


To everyone discussing names:

The Magazine itself could be called The Araras Prophet, which is the best name I’ve seen suggested so far…but

I think I might have a better one.

Who’s been on the screen to greet you every time you start Duelyst up? Who’s quietly become an icon of the players and the game itself? Who just recently became a card?

What do you all think about calling the magazine The Mythron Wanderer?

PS: The memedeck section has to be called Joke in the Memetown.


Love the Mythron wanderer suggestion. Also, hateful topics should go under Hate furnace and strategy under Strategos.


This is great idea.I so want to use this idea.


but then we have to find a section for ALL of the mythron cards.

Title: wanderer
Funnies: Joke in the memetown
Rants/Complaints: Hate Furnace
Strategy guide: Strategos
???: The Ebon Ox
???: N.O.S.E
???: Underlord xa’xu


The Ebon Ox - cards analysis, curve discussions, underused cards put to good use section.


Underlord: Old meta decks that surface(since they are undying)
hmm… NoSE seems to elude me


Maybe we should have a section for unlimited? Then Underlord fits well.

To add, I don’t like the idea of naming sections after Trial cards, while I do like the title of the newsletter itself. While looking smart on paper, it constricts the possible topics we can discuss.

E.G. In what section should we put interviews?

Also. I know you guys here. Almost noone of us is a frequent S top 50, most of us are even not frequent S-rankers (myself included).

If we want some serious strategy analysis or smth section, we need a couple of really good players to write for us: @deathsadvocate, @eurasianjay and @improbableblob come to mind as frequent forum dwellers, though there’re others not so frequent like, @kingw, @F8D and sorry if I forgot someone. They are all recognized by the community as an authority on one or the other faction/archetype. I dunno if they agree on this, they all do a magnificient job providing us with their decks and being open for discussions, but newsletter is a much more dedicated experience.

If not, then probably we’ll have to resort to memes and fun. And tierlists, which are made anyway :slight_smile:


NoSE to NoSE?



Hm, could we also get @ThanatosNoa or remaining Devs interviewed at some point? That could be interesting, IMO…

I would certainly be interested in learning more about Thanny :slight_smile:


Yfw you keep being yanked from Discord by forum pings BabyRage.


pings :sweat: