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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


I plan to have at least 1 article (maybe 2!) for every newsletter, it maybe a deck I’m working on or something different but I plan to write consistently.


I could provide something if you’ll have it, sure :slight_smile: maybe a small “deep dark corner” or smh to write small posts about meme/serious decks and stuff (from an Abyssian perspective, tho but I promise to keep it fun!). I can’t commit regularly tho since I’m occasionally very busy with irl stuff.


Interview of “famous” members of the community (streamer, renown player, wiki builder, forum figure, CPG representative etc), with questions about Duelyst (favorite card/deck, best/worst moment in Duelyst etc) but also non-Duelyst related (favorite videogame, books, movie, whatever).


Considering the amount of times ive seen and beat the f*ck out of collazo and other streamers, people should at least recognize my name rip


who summoned me BabyRage


I mean, streamers stream at every level of play, and I love Collazo but… he doesn’t always win and his decks are almost always memes. The community is small enough for everyone to play and beat streamers/tourney players, but not small enough for everyone to know everyone :slight_smile:


Every single time.
Hes running faie aggro
Btw before I was joking, idc about recognition.
Just find it funny whenever I hear how prestigious a streamer is and I have their screaming salty babyrage face seared into my brain XD.







Just XD?
No 15chars no nothing?


I have always found it to be arc lyo and my ass gets wupped every time.


I did run into that once actually. ONCE. But joke was still on him cuz I was running the black guy with fire eyes xd

Hes a good player, just gets mondo unluckiness


Is this really happening? Hell yes! I can for sure drop in an article or two. :sirpenti:


Thoughts on the name for the memedeck section being “Sweet Memes in Nemetown”?


you are out of the loop.

its “joke in the memetown”

for oak in the nemeton


I was the one who is trying to popularise that. After stealing it off someone.


yeah me, im the one that made it up and told the streamers who probably told you


I was told on forums.


*Sweet Memes in Mnemetown