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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


My name is Raputha, i’m a german graphic Designer and starting next week i’m gonna start to work on a magazine style newsletter for Duelyst.

I drew inspiration and got the idea from this thread: A random fun idea

I have a lot of ideas for content floating around in my head and would like to hear opinions, ideas and suggestions from you all! :smiley:

Ideas i have so far:

  • @epicflygon’s article (he’s working on it)
  • maybe another article i or someone else can make up
  • Fanart and Poem contests, winner spotlights maybe
  • Tierlist
  • Decklists
  • Card spotlight (for this i would like to make a community voting! Categories are gonna be: Best Card Design (Sprite, Gamedesign itself, flavor) Worst Card Design (Sprite, Boring cards, worthless stuff) Strongest, most disgustingly metawarping card (this is malicious wisp just voice your opinion about it(jk you can call for other cards too) Fairest Card
    —Comment down below which cards you find to be the best designed, worst designed, strongest and fairest. I think i’m gonna make a TOP3 of each category with entertaining quotes from community members.

Again, if you have other ideas, tell me about them

so what do you all think? Do you wanna see a magazine/newsletter like this? Would you read it?
It’s gonna be presented visually appealing as i am rather confident in my abilities to do this and most importantly i’m gonna have a huge load of fun wit it.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t really know

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***The Azure Herald Meme Deck Contest*** [cool competition]

I think you should do interviews with important/notable community figures


Also THE DUELYST NEWSLETTER sounds rather bland i think, any ideas for a name? if nothing cool comes up im probably gonna find something nicer myself later.

@galaxydueler Oh god yes that would be awesome! SonOfMakuta and Grincher come to mind, don’t watch many other streams, maybe minmaxer if he’d like to participate. Other famous guy’s names slip my mind right now. Scarzig? Is he still playing, i know he got a card but not sure if hes active :thonk:


Maybe even people from forums like @eurasianjay or @improbableblob. They’re pretty cool


Or me *dabs



And tourney hosts like @siromega and uh… shameless plug: me!


Yea i always enjoy reading their opinions and in my opinion they are rather articulate whis is suited perfectly for cool intervies. I think this is gonna be great.


I might not sound like it but i actually play seriously and can talk and review games and decisions very maturely.


But who likes that


I like that, i just skimmed some recent topics and thought “hey loliconartist might provide some nice content for the magazine :thonk:


Heya! I really want this newsletter have “Meme deck” section or smth. I can even provide some funny ideas. Also @whyb0t and @miguelosz could do, but they only meme in Abyssian if I’m correct.

We are brainstorming, aren’t we?


Yes we are :smiley:
Meme Decks sure is a good idea, a good mix of interesting high quality serious content and highquality memes and mspaintart is gonna feel fresh i guess xD


Id love to give some perspective on duelyst compared to other card games from my perspective as someone who has played way too many. Over 13


That sounds great! Topic from outside of duelyst but in some way related to it fills a gap perfectly. I only played yugioh for other card games and that isnt even a ccg so ill gladly interview you somewhere next week i guess


let @sinpathy draw the waifus


Outside-“I am ready to commence business”


We should decide on the name though. I guess it should be smth neutral minion related. But please, guys, no Serpenti :confused:


Me?? An Abyssian one trick? Pioneer of the Feralu Hybrid Kara deck, abuser of Magnetize OTK, Kaleos golems 0-10 record king???

Your words cut deep, friend…


The Araras Prophet:thonk:


““The paddo paper””