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Project Aperion revealed: Godfall


Godfall is Project Aperion

Some light is finally shed into what is assumed to be the elusive Project Aperion. Its Twitter page is now open, and so is an official website. CPG’s official website also got a small update where the words Project Aperion was replaced with Godfall. None of the sources provide adequate information, other than the fact that the game will be based on a brand-new IP and is a third person online action combat game focused on real-time melee PvP and PvE. And it’s made on Unreal Engine 4, which I suppose is nice.

Kowloon Nights Funding

But there was something interesting in Godfall’s Twitter page, and it was an about an article published by Polygon. The article detailed information about a group called the Kowloon Nights, an organization which helps fund video games worldwide. Well, it turns out that one of the games they will be funding will be Godfall.

According to the article, Kowloon Nights was based upon the idea that game publishers must evolve to meet an era where indie games are becoming more and more prevalent. They emphasized the fact that they are not a revenue-driven organization, which seems like a pretty bold statement. These are some other things they said about themselves in the article.

  • One of the founders of the organization, Alexis Garavaryan, used to be an employee at Microsoft where he worked on titles such as Cuphead, Ashen, and We Happy Few.

  • They believe that studios should keep their intellectual property and sequel rights. Similarly, the Kowloon Nights will remain “completely hands-off” in the development process of the games they fund. Their thought process is that studios tend to do their best work with minimal interference from other parties.

  • They are getting their money from investors in Asia. Although information about these investors is undisclosed, they are allegedly familiar with the gaming industry and know that they are doing when it comes to funding games.

  • The name Kowloon Nights is a reference to the Kowloon City of Hong Kong, which is a nod to the organization’s Asian roots. Appropriately, they will help games reach an Asian audience aside from the funding.

  • They have already signed 10 projects over the past year or so, most with budgets between $500,000 and $5 million.

They also have a Twitter page and an official website, so pay it a visit when you want to know more about this organization. You can read more about members of their team, their philosophy, and so on. As suspicious they may initially seem, they do look more promising than BN ever was.

Interview with Kieth Lee

The article also included a pseudo-interview with CPG’s CEO, Keith Lee. He explained that he wanted Godfall to "nestle between that double-A and triple-A sort of status,” which presumably means he wanted to approach an AAA status as much as possible with a limited budget. He also said that the game will be utilizing the team’s past experiences on working on titles such as Diablo and Ratchet & Clank. And lastly, he revealed that the release date is set to be in 2019.

And I forgot to mention, Kowloon Nights will not be funding Godfall entirely. CPG will also be putting up some of the money, although the thought process behind that decision was not detailed in the article.

Duelyst is cancelled?

May want to add here he said this to emphasize their experience on “big projects”


CPG have external funding for Godfall, so cannot use those funds on Duelyst. Which is why none of the developers rehired are working on Duelyst.

I think Duelyst has a lot of unrealized potential, it’s a shame it has no backing.


Well, the screenshots look pretty af; not my type of game though.


It’s not mine either, but they sure do look great.


Duelyst Battle Royale. What did I tell you?


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