Progression cards?


What are these? They are different color but seem to be doing the same.



And yeah, that’s pretty much it. They look prettier, both ingame and in the menus compared to normal ones but are more expensive. If you don’t care they’re basically free spirit so hey, go nuts.


They are called Progression in my collection, they are red, and it says I cannot disenchant tchem for spirit :(.


Then you will have to take some screenshots because I have no idea what you’re talking about even though I am 99.9% sure they’re just prismatic cards and you’re just misreading their names.


You can’t craft or disenchant the purple cards you get when you level up, they are purely cosmetic.


Are those the cards you get from leveling up a faction? What are their names?


AH, yes, you are right. They are the red/prismatic version of the very basic cards. I checked and I can disenchant prismatics that are not one of those basics. Thank you all.