Program to create duelyst GIF



I wanted to share you a python script that convert png skin to gif animaton. At the moment it’s a python script and you need some knowledge in python + shell to execute it. In couple of days/weeks I will make a GUI and an executable.

###Some heroes:

Some awesominess:

Some hot twerk:

Lot of skin took from @owlington :slight_smile: :




[details=nashrok ]

[details=incinera ]



[details=fackin dog]

[details=someone noone play]

#Here is the repo:


  1. You need to install python 2.7 (doesn’t work with every python 3.X)
  2. You need several library:
  • PIL : pip install pillow
  • images2gif : pip install images2gif-pillow
  • numpy : pip install numpy
  • scipy : pip install scipy
  1. Execution of program : python f5_general
    You will need to be in duelgif repository with f5_general.png and f5_general.plist file.
    After that several .gif should appears in that repository.
    Job done !

PS: This program is not stable. You can have lot of error.

If you have problem you can post here.


Really impressive!


You are doing god’s work my boy.


Dance till your dead! Lmao i started singing that in the twerk section


here we go updated serpenti meme:




Sister skin with nice palette added:


I need to know from where you got these sajj and gaujj reskins plz!!! so cool


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