Product Roadmap


Product Roadmap (not in any particular order)

  • 2nd Card Expansion Set (Target: Dec 2016)
  • Social Team Play Mode
  • Single Player Content (Boss Battles, In-game Events, Lore)
  • Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS, Tablets)
  • 3rd Card Expansion Set (Target: Q1 2017)
  • Language Localization (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian)
  • Console Platforms (Xbox One, PS4)
  • Deck Builder (Suggests Cards)
  • Restful Web API
  • Historical Replays

I have an Idea for new Gamemodes
We need HearthPWN of Deulyst
How do we improve duelyst?
How would you feel about a 2v2 game mode?
Is team play (2vs2) being worked on Devs please reply
French translation

Will expansions be about the same size as shim’zar?


Woah, a second expansion in two months?! Is this the first that this is announced? It’s not a race guys, take your time and keep it quality like it has been.


What kind of boss battles are being designed? Regular battles against an AI with a slightly stronger deck, or will there be unique mechanics and effects thrown in?


So happy I found this game.


If they manage to make a gamemode where the Boss damages all units in alternating telegraphed areas, or summons exclusively battlepets in massive amounts, or just destroys your face with a Blazing Orb after a set number of turns… I will just be blown away. Duelyst’s design and aesthetic could lend itself amazingly to those unique settings.


I want team games SO MUCH.


Same here my friend.


i always visualized this game “adventure” as some kind of those game where you go walking horizontally hitting enemies in the way to end up fighting a really frustrating enemy at the end.

I love that you want to add more and more content, i just do … but dont hurry, shimzar is just settling in, rather have good content than expantions all the time :slight_smile:

Also, wanted to say that i love the amount of dedication and hard work you put in the game, it makes you feel really comfortable :smiley:


So are we gonna get a storyline mode (in a sense) with the boss battles?? Like, have the boss battle be some from the lore even would be really cool.


All great things! My only concern is the release date of expansions, it makes cards less valuable over time and may lead to the risk of P2W. I think two expansions per year would be a healthy choice, but I’m not a game designer


Rather than having a deck builder that suggest cards which always performs badly and isn’t taken seriously by new players anyway when it comes to them building their first deck, I’d rather have an official website where people get to build deck their decks like manaspring or duelystdb and the ability to export ingame decks to an image format which should probably be the same as as those from said website.

But maybe that won’t be necessary with “Restful Web API” existing? I honestly know so little about the subject I can’t tell.

Other than that, it’s all good shit. Lots of stuff to get hyped about.


No Nintendo NX version? :pensive:

  • 2nd Card Expansion Set (Target: Dec 2016)

cahmaaan…too soon, too soon.


One expansion per quarter? That’s too much, guys!
I’d rather have some quality then quantity. How do you want to balance all these cards in this short time frame while creating new cards at the same time over and over again?


Well, I’d want it too but if I were CPG, I wouldn’t even want to develop for a console that isn’t even announced yet. It could fail, making the development for it useless.


Balancing? We’re still waiting for the first balance patch for Shimzar and it’s already 1/3 of the way to the next expansion.

If they start pumping out 3 or 4 sets of new cards a year they are going to lose a lot of players. Keeping the game fresh is one thing, making it an endless treadmill is another.


i wanna play as young starhorn against all those aestari vanar. that would be awesome.
or fight against all 7 sisters at once


Hopefully voice acting is still on the table in some way. I think it would be great to hear the generals and units in action.


Welp, time to start saving dust and gold guys, expansions incoming :+1: