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Problems with lags?


At leasy we’re about to get 3 orbs as a we’re sorry gift


As always duelyst servers are potatoes! This is the famous Q4 content! D:


Replying for visibility…

Hey, Bamco?



Just lost a game due to lag and won a game due to lag, im calling it quits while I’m even


Played about 4-6 games. All have huge lags, was able to do 2-4 actions per turn, if lucky. Or just entirely skipped the turn. And I just returned to the game :frowning:


Did you play Decispikes? ba dumm tshh


I’m just posting to report that I have lag problems with my games yesterday and today.


Will the servers get fixed?
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Most likely


looks like the servers are completely down now…



Yeah, tried to queue into a game and ran into a “No Servers Available”

Edit: Just tried to send in a support ticket and it failed to process my message


Might be a bit more than server lag.


Interesting new menu you got there, wonder what faction/tribe it’s from… :thinking: :thonk:


I hope this is just temporary and not a sign of any bigger trouble ahead.


Today is a Sunday Night and we just got done with Thanksgiving here in the USA. Give it until Tuesday at the earliest before panicking.


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