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Problems with lags?


Hey all and @yaviey

We got several reports on Reddit that the game is often unplayable right now because of big lags. How are your experiences? Is something known?


So it wasn’t just me.

Good to know.
I had lag all yesterday afternoon and evening, skipped turns, 1 game lost, that never started.


And it’s back.
Luckily this time i played a ladder game before gauntlet :slight_smile:


I played a little bit and noticed some small lags nothing game losing but that could turn worse ofc and / or I could just be luckier than others.


Can confirm lag problems. I’ve had opponents failing to connect, and have seen both side miss a turn occasionally.


I also confirm the lag of yesterday, and was pretty heavy.


Yes, there are pretty heavy lags right now


I just lost a game cause i roped to cast a luminous charge… Man it took forever


The funny thing about the lag problems is that your opponent will always be immune to it… fucking hell


Yeah, I tried to play one game and was laggy


Was having lag last night while streaming. First 50 mins or so was normal but then the next hour was pretty awful. Was considering cutting the stream short. It wasn’t unplayable but it was like having 5 second delay on every action I did and couldn’t do anything else until the action was done.


Barely playable right now.


I’m done after 3 matches lost to lag


Now that’s more like it.


I prefer “deet mergmer” though


The more retarted the better. :+1:


Couldnt agree with you more :+1:


Just got a snag after lagspikes literally skipping turns


Why is that always happening on weekends? @yaviey


Yeah, I thought it was just my bad internet. I guess that’s one way to nerf Kha…