Problem with the special offer



I have try to use the special offer for the 10 orbs on the steam client but my steam wallet have only 0,20 euro so i have only cancelled the transaction. Now the offer was vanished without that i used that.
There is some way to re-have the offer??

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:

Intel Pentium G4400/2x4 ddr4 Kingstone/Shappire r7 250 1gb Gddr5

Game Client:


New player impression

Please contact our support through explain the situation to them and then we can help you out.


Thank you
I try to contact them today ;D


Same thing happened to me. I tried to use the “contact support” and that was broken also. I just want to be able to get the special offer.


So since no one is contacting me I guess you don’t want my money. tyvm


Hi all, I deliberately bump this thread instead of making a new one.
New player here, was about to purchase the 1 time special via steam wallet to start supporting the game.
It didn`t work, no idea why, is it because my wallet is in Euros?
I google and first relevant hit is this thread, where people are complaining about lacking support and get no reply. Next thread I stumble on is about the login/password issue (found that annoying, too); dev says they are working on it, this was in September 16.
I like the game and I think the client is really beautiful. But now I am a little put off.
Can somebody give me back confidence in the game being well supported and worth spending money on?


Hi Dzug, due to the necro I will have to lock the thread. Beyond that can you send us a support ticket through and let us know the issue your experiencing?