Problem entering the game


Hello guys!

I’m trying to enter the game, but it seems like my client got corrupted or idk. It’s asking me to install it again and it freezes at 5% (tried for 1hr and 30m and nothing). At first I thought it was a patch, but no1 here has said anything, so…

Have you experienced this? Is there a way to repair the client?

Thanks for your help!



I have had similar problems in the past. Read through this post. It is relatively short but it lists additional folders you need to delete to properly uninstall. Control Panel uninstall doesn’t work properly for whatever reason. A full complete alternate reinstall should take care of the problem.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions


Moving thread to tech support as it helps fulfill my otherwise insatiable hunger for organization

I don’t have any help with that particular problem but I do wish you luck in resolving it!


Thanks mate!

After reading for a bit I decided NOT to reinstall it lol. I’m gonna try my luck on steam, since ppl were saying really bad stuff about the launcher.

And I just wanted to complete my quests for today without any issues whatsoever… :expressionless:


No biggy… And sorry for not posting it there in the first place. I was gonna, but then it asked me all those technical questions about my problem and whatnot :innocent:

Figured it was easier just to ask in general. Thanks tho!


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