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Proactivity > Whining


I read this as positivity>winning and i was about to rant in the comments.


they will keep the servers up as long as the game brings in more money each month than it costs. obviously they’re not going to publically state this because that will only decrease potential income. if you think there is any chance they’re going to add any new content to the game at this point you’re in fantasy land. the most we can ask for is that CPG give the fans who do want to keep the game alive notice the month it becomes unprofitable and the opportunity to cover costs. considering their level of communication since the game came out of beta though realistically we’re not even going to get that.



It’s as long as people spend money on this gane servers will be kept online.


I’ve got, like, several thousand words worth of unreleased fan lore and a quarter I found lying heads up so I’m pretty sure I’ve got you guys beat :wink:


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