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Proactivity > Whining


Am I the only one that has already accepted the idea that most likely we won’t get any patch/expansion by the end of the year?

I still believe that next year we shall have some more consistent contents for Duelyst.
Yes sure, there’s no certainty, nobody promised anything, but all being aware of CPG duties and plans for the near future, we really should just be patient now.

It’s fun every now and then to meme and mock this situation where we don’t have news and we play the “doomsday game”, I do it myself, but it becomes boring and not really helpful when it starts feeling like an omni-present motif of the forum and such a prominent negative “contribution” from and to the community.

If the memeing and mocking is supposed to exorcise this bad situation, show to CPG that we are here and we love the game, or just to vent about the frustration for seeing such a fantastic game being so wrongly neglected, having a proactive attitude and contributing positively is also what this game and community needs. What really needs, actually.

We have people that stream, people that organize tournaments, people that make Youtube contents. This means that some people that like this game do their part to keep it alive and beating and I think it’s more useful than any negative talk.
Also we still have new players that join and seek for advice.

If for somebody the game becomes boring, frustrating, not stimulating, than just take a break, mingle in the forum/Discord/Reddit, keep updated and come back when it feels like.

I’m writing this because I also feel disappointed and sad about the current state of the game, but as member of the Duelyst community I feel like at this point, noted the situation, I think we should be more proactive and less whiny about this game.

Play this game, talk about it, share it, try to get friends to play it, purchase items in it, write about it, stream it, make videos about it, post contents, share decks, make fan arts, make memes like the old days, or cosplay it…
There’s a multitude of things we can do to help this game we love, more useful than complaining and constantly joking about how dead it is.



I kinda agree on the entire post, except for this part. Considering the state of the game that’s unwise, at the very least.

Other than that, spread the dooli love :heart:


@melkorita: Unwise if you don’t see any future and don’t want/need a full collection and cosmetics. That said, purchasing items is a way to finance the game and money motivates the entourage of people that work at the game, but nonetheless is just one of the many ways to help :slight_smile: .


I accepted this long ago, and im still enjoying playing this game. Getting a new expo or any kind of new content would make me even happier


I couldnt agree more. Im pretty sure once godfall Will be finished cpg will give Duelyst some love, otherwise they would just simply shut down the game.
Also i think todays meta is one of the most balanced that the game ever had and we should be happy for that.


I completely agree with your post.

I think if you spend money or not is always a very personal decision. Even if they shut down the servers in 3-6 months I think it is worth to spend some money on the game now (even as a new player). But that is my opinion. It is always a question of how much you value something. I value the fun I get out of Duelyst pretty high especially if I compare it to some other games I paid (more) money for.

But other people think differently or can’t spend that money or have other reasons. And these are fine too.


@project2el: I’m personally not happy about this meta, and that’s why more than anything I’d welcome a patch to fix the OP cards and interactions. That said I’m still happy about the game, and over all I’m glad others still enjoy the game like I do.
EDIT: Yes, no meta discussion here, thanks for pointing it out :wink: .

@boronian: I hope people didn’t misunderstood me on the spending money point.
I’ve put “purchase items” among other things that can help the game, along with cosplay or posting decks, so clearly anybody should do what they are capable of according to their will and possibilities.
I totally agree on the point of being a question of how much we value things, and in my personal experience it gave me something in terms of fun and competition that I have been missing for a long time, thus I happily invested in it.

@zerounderscoreou: They confirmed that they’ll keep the servers running, so nothing is going to be shut down any time soon.


I simply hate metas with tier 1 aggro decks or tier 0 decks. Thats the reason why i like this one.
Btw i dont want this to become a meta discussion, ignore me and stay in topic guys;)


Personally I’d strongly advise throwing money into the drain like that untill you get more clarity on the games content schedule.

Theres a difference between giving spending money to your troubled teen and giving it to his corpse.


Hi everyone,

I recently discovered Duelyst still trying to find a good replacement of Dofus Arena (please, don’t judge me).

And this game is pure gold, but it feels kinda sad seeing its community talking about the last days of this game. I’m sure we can all support the developpers and encourage them. This game has a lake of visibility, but i show this to some friends and they were all suprised by the quality of this game. I’m sure they’re still a way.

The best would be to do a phone version, it will give a second breath and bring a lot of now people !!! :smiley:


There’s no reason to believe Duelyst is soon to be shut down. As long as there are players, the game is playable.


Namco have already indicated they plan to keep the servers up, peoples questions regarding content is still a black box though for the foreseeable future.


Yeah, it’s definitely better to give it to his corpse so that he can use it in the afterlife instead of on drugs.


It’s really nice to see new people approaching the game in these times.
The idea of this thread is to not just spread love about Dooly, but mainly to encourage a different attitude against the odds, so don’t get scared of the dramatic atmosphere, play as long as you have fun playing, and ask if you need to ask, your contribution as new player and by talking about the game to others is already a lot of what the game needs :slight_smile: !


While I’m somewhat skeptical to the whole possibility, one of the ways to be proactive is to save some money and be ready to buyout Duelyst, as a community, if they announce the shutdown.


That would probably be one of the coolest things ever. I’ve already seen people floating that idea on the reddit as well


I am like… reallly itching to fish for some fresh dooly players in the crowd that will abandon Artifact. Mwaharharhar.


More like “will quickly notice how much of a cashgrabing fanbait it is”, heh. Seriously, i thought Blizzard was cruel in that regard when i saw gameplay.

But keeping to the theme, i’d like to ponder ways to promote things in my capability, as much starved and brainburnt i am in resources. Maybe striking at things from weird angles like, dunno, scribbling tabletop content? Which would be funny given Dooly’s origins as a makeshift one.


Do you really believe there aren’t drugs in the afterlife? Or whether there’s an afterlife at all? The afterlife is supposed to be a place of joy right? Drugs definetely belong.


Exalted 101: gib ur ghost sum opium