Prismatic Zir'an Arc II


So I fought a person named “Dooky” who was playing Zir’an and at first I thought nothing of it other then admiring the skin until I saw it looked like this:

I’ve looked everywhere for where you can get this or if you automatically unlock it alongside the general skin if you purchased it when you reach the required level yet I can’t confirm this theory as all my generals are low lvl and my closest is my Abyssian (Main class) at 28… Alongside that there is no trace of this beauty for any of my general skins in the crafting section w/ prismatic crafting turned on so ya… Can anyone clear up this confusing situation so we can have light shined upon us for this majestic beauty.

Dooky if you read this, GG man I crushed you but your deck crushed me in style points so well played.


You can see all the prismatic unlocks by going to your collection, checking the “Show Prismatic Crafting”, and turn to crafting mode.

You unlock the original general’s prismatic form at faction level 46, and the second general’s at the maximum level 50.


Wait, so someone is already level 50? That seems…unlikely.


Clearly you didn’t even check for yourself… I already said that I’ve searched everywhere for this and that includes what you just stated miles before even posting this. I appreciate the attempt to help but don’t reply without actually reading the post and verifying for yourself…


Dooky is crazy dedicated to playing Lyonar. He had a Prismatic Argeon last Friday or so.


Not only do I tell you what the answer to your question is, I even tell you how to get at it yourself, and then, without actually verifying, you call me out for not verifying myself. Bravo.

You do need to check the “Prismatic Crafting,” I turned it off already in the above image.


You are correct but you didn’t answer the original reason for the thread. Did you find anywhere in there like I told you this general. Not the OG Zir’An THE SKIN version aka Arc II that’s why I’m saying you’re not reading/looking at the OG post because you’ve once again been trying to show the wrong general skin.

This is the skin you need to find in there if you want to back up your claim. You are completely correct on that is how you make Prismatic Cards/Generals/Basics show up but I wasn’t asking that. I was asking where to find the skin shown above while it’s PRISMATIC.


To get a prismatic Mark 2 Skin you need to:

  1. Own the Mark 2 skin.

  2. Be at the required faction level for said general, 46 for the original general, and 50 for the second general.


Thank you, but can you verify this by any means is what I’ve asked. I appreciate the help if so, I’m sorry that I sound a bit like well… A terrible human being because I am but I would like a verification from someone who has possibly already achieved this.


Zi’ran mark II is kinda meh, it is basically the normal zi’ran with two shields instead of one and two swords…

And prismatic are ugly , it just give you blurry rainbow beside your general , it look like when the water is super polluted (I don’t know if you see what I mean).


Many people are, especially those with ribbons from only/mainly one faction.

EDIT: oops, that’s why I don’t like modern forums - somehow I didn’t notice the date, feel free to delete my post.


Arananthis post is from 3rd of August. There was a level-cap at 30 (I think, maybe 20) until the 1st of August. So Arananthi was talking of 20-30 levels in two days.