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Prismatic card issue for duelyst developers to read explanation inside


There is something I am requesting be changed for a good reason. I fail to see why you would tie the ability to craft prismatic cards to class levels. Especially, neutral class cards being tied to being LVL 40 ! with a class players may have no desire to actually play.

I just dusted likely 30,000 dust to craft a full sajj prismatic deck … low and behold that ephemeral shroud and healing mystic … two netural cards cannot be crafted into prismatics until I am lvl 40 ! with both the Lyonar and Vanar classes.

I have played the game long enough to know the class I wish to invest my time in. Why would I force myself to play till LVL 40, when throughout the entire time I have played; I haven’t even hit 40 with my main class ??

Why would I torture myself to play classes I hate and why SHOULD I have to play classes I hate in order to craft something SPECIFIC I wish to craft with my dust ??

This restriction is a terrible idea and its basically forcing you to do it if you want those specific cards to be prismatic.

I can understand that you can earn them and they are unlocked for free. Still, if I wish to craft them and not wait till I am lvl 40 with a class I do not want anything to do with, then I should still be able to do so.

I basically dusted my entire collection from every other class in order to get the cards for the class I wish to play and just going to throw out there that prismatic’s are WAY WAY overpriced… even for HEARTHSTONE standards. Comparative to the dust you get for anything here compared to there. One deck took my entire collection I mean I must have dusted over 100 Legendary cards … LOL

At least make it so I can craft neturals without worries about “CLASS LEVELS” that should be for

I do not wish to come off the wrong way but I suppose there is no easy way to say this

Even after dusting everything if this change isn’t made after basically going through hell to get there … then your asking me to do more ?? I would simply rather no longer play … It is regrettable that something so simple is so convoluted to the point that it doesn’t make any sense. Why have neutral cards be tied to class levels of certain factions its just silly and pointless.

Also, to have to dust every legendary I have basically ever had including basically EVERY EPIC I ever had. And I mean I had ALOT honestly … to only be able to prismatic ONE SINGLE DECK is pure craziness. Especially for the dust gathering ratio in this game and the fact that it takes roughly 6 dusted legendary cards to craft a SINGLE prismatic legendary … mind blown.

Please change some of this if even just the ability to craft any prismatic neutral cards. This is just absurd I been playing since beta and am now on the verge of just moving on. I really hope a duelyst developer hears my cry and changes anything due to this post.

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That is a lot of caps lock.


That is a lot of caps lock.


Easy there buddy. Remember that you’re upset with the game and it’s devs, not me. I just pointed out what I found to be the most relevant thing in the thread :boy:


Easy there buddy. Remember that you’re upset with the game and it’s devs, not me. I just pointed out what I found to be the most relevant thing in the thread :boy:


But I honestly believe that’s the most relevant thing. Stuff like:

“No one is forcing you to craft prismatics nor you get any benefit from doing it so complaining about their spirit prices makes no sense. They’re supposed to be these elite show off cards after all so their price is justified even though I’m not saying there’s no room for improvement. When it comes to neutral ones, I personally like the idea of getting them as a badge of honor of sort for reaching high levels with certain factions. If you’re willing to commit lots and lots of spirit to craft a full prismatic deck then you can probably commit a bit of time to unlock those prismatic neutrals you need too. I really fail to see why are you so upset. But I can definitely tell you that people will take you less seriously due to you throwing a tantrum.”

Is what I imagine majority would think and goes without saying really so I didn’t feel the need to point it out. However, your usage of caps lock is not something you see every day. There was obviously lots of thought put into it so I thought I’d mention it, I meant no harm by it :sweat:


and that’s fine I mean if duelyst just wants to lose a player I’m cool with that I can move on to bigger and better things … lol not like duelyst is hearthstone or anything actually important. Its just some niche CCG in the middle of a million bigger better CCG’S.

With Gwent about to release and The Elder Scrolls CCG I am sure that duelyst can just afford to lose players.

I think that everything I stated there was 100% justified. But eh I have no problem moving on to something else if they do not make changes.

Do you have any idea how much time it would take to get those two classes to lvl 40 ? MONTHS by then the deck wont even exist anymore. LMFAO

Also again class specific cards should be the cards you unlock not random netural cards.


Oh please don’t leave, what would we ever do without you? :cry:

Before you do, at least give the devs some time to release an official statement about the issue. I’m sure they’ve noticed your thread and are actively working on it.


WOAH DUDE. Slow down a little. I can understand your frustration but and all but, first, why did you even want to craft a full prismatic deck ?
Also, no matter how community friendly they are, I doubt a dev will say " Hey, dudes, this guy’s going to quit 'cause he can’t craft the prismatic cards he want, let’s change the way he gets them ".
I completely understand your complaint but, just don’t expect them to react like this.


I am not asking them to change the way we get them … let me rephrase … the cards you get at lvl 40 are FREE cards they unlock and you get them … but you cannot craft them if you so chose. you are forced to reach lvl 40 with a class you do not want to play to unlock them instead of just paying the price and crafting them. There is zero reason to do this. Imagine if HS did this … players would throw a fit far worse than mine.

I made the full prismatic deck because I do not have the time to play this game 24/7 like some players to play 80 different decks per day leveling classes.

I know I like Vetruvian period so that is what I got prismatic. There was no point in playing other classes as I really do not have a care for them.

I could understand what your saying about it but not being able to craft extremely common cards that are staples in most decks due to class specific locks is foolish.

And do not underestimate the power of one person complaining … one person starts a wave … and it can cause bad things to happen.

Example go look at Might and Magic Duel Of Champions. People did not believe me there either 1 year later I was the one laughing in their faces.

I am not saying this is a reason for the game to die … but the whole prismatic system as a whole will hurt Duelyst in the long run with how impossible it is to collect them. Alot of players have a “Completionist Attitude” and players will quit or complain due to not being able to get that prismatic or complete that deck full of prismatics.

Just look at Hearthstone its the easiest example.


The thing is, Prismatics are completely irrelevant and i guess you will survive with 6 cards of your deck not having a rainbow above their head. If you don’t, well, idc either.
Long story short: You created a long ass thread in a very aggressive tone about an issue of very minor importance to most people. Thats why most people won’t take you serious. It’s as if you would go full apeshit over a bowl of apples being in the living room instead of in the kitchen to most of us.


There are 5 rarities in the game. You can’t craft BASIC cards, in any form. To get the BASIC prismatic cards, you need to level up. It’s a stupid annoying gimmick, but complaining that you need to grind to more shiny-ness in your deck is kind of silly. Do you like playing Duelyst? Or do you just want to pimp your deck?


Both but I want to play the game with my pimped out deck considering I spent about 30.000 and my entire collection on it. And again that does not negate that point that if you so chose you SHOULD be able to craft basic cards.

I will just wait for an admin to answer and if not ill simply move on like the rest of the world.

Prismatics are not irrelevant … go tell a Hearthstone player that his golden legendary deck is irrelevant … he would laugh in your face.

As for the APE SHIT thing … do you actually think its going to matter if you speak politely or agressively to Duelyst Devs to get them to actually do something ?

Go look at HS again and tell me that … sometimes you need to go “ape shit” as you say to actually get change to occour.


It is not HS here.


I think you’re absolutely right that neutrals should not depend on a specific factions in order to be craftable as prismatics.

The only change I think is good and indeed necessary (but it being the only one) is the following:

Certain Neutral prismatics cannot be crafted until you reach level x with Any kind of Faction. For cards that now require 2 different factions those 2 different factions at level x can be any kind of faction again.

I think just that is enough to solve it honestly.


@ultimacloud I understand the frustration behind this but as i remember in HS, some golden neutral cards could be unlocked only when you reached some levels with a specific class too.
Maybe not a high level like in Duelyst but if we consider prismatic card like a reward as @raqyee said it, it’s not a big deal.
After all it’s only cosmetic and like we say “you need to suffer to become beautiful” so take/invest your time and keep it up!


What do you expect a developer to say? Sorry you aren’t happy with this thing we did intentionally, we’ll change the rules just for you! Maybe they will give you an exception, but why would you expect to be entitled to one?

You can’t craft basics because everyone starts with a full set. They made the intentional choice for prismatic basics to be something you earn by playing instead of buying.

If you don’t mind the faction basics being that way, why are you bothered by the neutrals?
Prismatic cards have 0 benefits, you’re the only person who cares about how dumb and shiny your deck is, nobody else cares. You spent a tonne of money on a stupid gimmick, that’s all it is, a stupid gimmick.


Prismatics don’t differ in functionality, hence they are irrelevant to the gameplay. Idc whether some Hearthstone weebs are really damn proud of their golden legendary deck or not, and don’t see how that proves that prismatics aren’t irrelevant.

Plus you won’t make people change things by being angry and aggressive, most of the time asking nice and kind for something gets you further. Not that it matters in that case since devs will frankly just not give a single fuck.


© “Can I have your stuff ?” ™


My take on the whole situation, is that I agree with you. However, you are just going about it too aggressively. The more caps lock you use, the less people generally will take you seriously. You can use it SPARINGLY TO MAKE A POINT, but too much makes it kinda annoying.

Back to the prismatic issue. Prismatics don’t do anything, but I understand if you want to invest the effort to have it all nice and shiny. I played a lot of HS, and I was nowhere near completing a gold deck, but it was always an extremely long term goal of mine. I only played Shaman, and I played for like 2 years, so I had crafted a good amount of golds.

I never really liked the unlocking system, but they put the more popular cards on the later levels on purpose. Everyone runs Primus Fist and Ephemeral Shrouds, so they want to reward the players that have leveled up their classes/factions.

I think an alternate system of some sort would be cool, but I don’t think they are likely to change how they have it set up.