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Prism Barrier Synergies?

So, this card. What minions could synergise with it? Could a deck be built around it? So, well… Tell me what you think could work with this! I’ve had the idea for building a deck around it for a while now but I’m not sure what cards could work with it, so just throw anything you can think of in the comments :slight_smile: I suppose that’s all I have to say then. Goodnight/day/evening/morning.

Really anything that doesn’t already have force field or activate an effect with damage

I have seen it thrown around in generic Lyonar decks. I think the card is strong and particularly annoying to deal with, so it seems sound to test it a little bit more. I have seen it applied to high health minions to make them even harder to remove, but I don’t think there is any specific synergy here.

This is one of my favorite cards, actually. I don’t think it’s strong enough to build a deck around, but it’s a pretty good fit for a lot of decks.

You can put it on a Lion for a mini pre-nerf Sunsteel, you can use it on cheap minions to give your opponent more to worry about, you can use it to keep your minions alive when you have Sunbreaker on the board.

I haven’t done it yet, but I’m in the process of trying to build Arcanyst Lyonar with Aegis Barrier to create even more threats. Hasn’t worked out well so far.

I have, however, stopped running this card in my decks. It’s most effective when you’re ahead on board, and I’m not sure that you can rely on that. Sometimes, especially with Tigers or Lions or card draw problems, Afterblaze is also a better pick.

I find that it is particularly good on Provoke minion, things with high stats, or Sojourner. Sojourner in particular can draw a ton of cards and be a pain to get rid of with a Barrier in place. I found that using this instead of Divine Bond in Divine bond decks actually make the deck better, though, less explosive.

Forcefield works the best on high priority targets, like High damage but low health minions.
First one that comes to my mind is Serpenti.


Serpenti field ftw


Prism Barrier just has the same problem Auryn Nexus and War Surge have: they require an established board with favorable conditions and don’t replace themselves. The combo potential is also missing in action. I can see it working, but not as well or better than already existing options.

If it were to go anywhere I’d imagine it to fit in a low-curve high-draw tempo deck where you can slap it onto minions with relatively low Health, but where you’re reasonably likely to have momentum. This allows you to have an active minion on a lot of your turns that you can swing into things with, effectively turning the card into a direct-damage-by-detour card. That said, tempo decks tend to dislike drawing into spells.

It’s a bit of a pickle because I want to like the card.

Perhaps Purgatos? I’ll have to try it out.

Purgatos is one of my favorite cards, but he’s just so hard to play. Even with Forcefield he’s fairly easily removed due to 4 health, and that health is also rough if he gets dispelled. 4 mana makes him mostly unplayable, and it’s difficult to justify playing him only for that combo, which is 6 mana. I’ll probably try it out in a fun deck, though

I guess Zir would be pretty cool to use it on. That’s just on paper though. In practice, it’s probably not consistent enough.

I don’t play Zir very much tbh

Added one to a healing deck for fun. Used it on Sunriser one game, worked very well actually.

I played it with a bunch of forcefield minions in a Sunbreaker deck. Getting the combo of Prism on Scintilla while a Sunbreaker is out feels so good

Maybe when you can draft from multiple factions, Grandmaster Zendo+ force field

It’s situational, you want to use it on strong but cheap minions like Lions. To get extra attacks in. If he uses removal/dispell atleast you didn’t lose much, if he doesn’t you just get crazy value.

It is pretty useless against abyssians, so building a deck around it might be not optimal.

It’s very good card in gauntlet, but in constructed it’s too much other options.

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