(pretty much standard, kinda budget) Magmar Midrange Deck to S


So Guys, i don’t feel like explaining the deck and stuff right now, especially considering its nothing special really. But Since the list is somewhat cheap and effective and i am kinda proud of reaching S for the first time i am gonna drop this list here. Might leave some explanations at a later point.

Dinosaur people's club [Shimzar] (outdated)

How is the Dioltas working in this deck?


Putting in those Kolossus now when the zen’rui is nerfed. Cheeky.


Next best thing on paper instead of kron, not sure on them though :smiley: Couldn’t fall back on your plan and run dioltas instead because i was already running them, gotta abuse op neutrals while you can shrug
My thought process on them was like: Siphon nerfed, shroud nerfed, Zenrui nerfed, Kron nerfed = Kolossus time! I am a deckbuilding genius.

Dioltas is pretty damn good. Gives you damage, a pretty secure thumping wave target, helps vs Songhai and aggro, wouldn’t wanna cut it.


@kirabi: I can tell you from experience Dioltas is great with vaath. It’s often a deal 5 and heal 10 card. Also great for holding Reva in place with the tombstone.


In the past it wasn’t as good due vaath didn’t have anything in builds to buff the tombstone but with the mvp card thumping wave it is probably better.I played it before doesn’t take much to sell me on this card.


Kudos, genius. May I call you cassador in future - as a sign of submission? :joy:

Do you need the heal from Mystic? Thinking of cutting them for Gro. They are dispell-eater like Dioltas, Taygete and… the Almighty Kolossus! So… well. Just thinking.


Nicely done!

Im a huge fan of Vaath, so if you dont mind me asking; did you play vaath solely on your climb? How many wins did it take you? :kissing:

P.S. Would you squeeze in a Bounded Lifeforce (Your general becomes 10/10 for 7 mana) ? I just love that card so satisfying when you finish off with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting, I see you don’t use flash, just curious about your opinion on it.
Also on the kolossus, how often has it been dispelled? Because that’s honestly my only problem with that card, it’s just so bad when it gets dispelled (rip Grow deck dreams). Then again, there aren’t many good 5 drops (Dancing Blades?), I’m currently using rawr but I got kujata/flash for the synergy, it’s not so great without those. Hmm, aside from that, nothing much to say besides congratulations on S-rank!


Yeah pls. Might also call me Cassador the Great or sth.

The thing is, i don’t have 3 drops (outside of tiger) i dont think Gro will be very good, since you really rely on your 4 Drops.

Yep, Vaath only. I think it took me 85 wins or sth from silver, but not all of that was this deck. Bounded is a nice finisher for sure, didn’t try it yet but might actually work with the list :smiley:

Flash is amazing, but i don’t really have good targets for it, and don’t have a place for it. Kolossus is pretty ass vs. Vanar, but really good vs Songhai, Vet and other Magmar, and Thumping wave gives it a last purpose after being dispelled due to it’s huge HP. It’s not great, but it’s a usable sub for Kron. Rwar is prolly better in Ramp decks, but in general i don’t like it too much, because you are spending 5 (3/4) Mana on a Minion you can’t control.


The best rank I have reached is diamond, but I do play a lot of Magmar. Have you tried running a copy or 2 of EarthSphere? I feel like it is a Magmar staple since you can trade so powerfully with your general.


Why no Elucidator instead of the Kolossi? Good source of damage to finish out games, especially out of hand and with Thumping Wave on it, otherwise good target for Diretide Frenzy?


I don’t like Earth Spheres that much for most lists, simply because the tempo loss is too big for lists that tend to win in the midgame. Earth Sphere is great if you have the means to recover from it lategame with plasma storm and elder and such, but i don’t see them in this list.

Elucidators might be good, as i said, i am mainly running Kolossi atm because they were the best ‘one for one’ for Kron i could think of, not settled on them at all.


I wanted to try out your list because it felt to me as if it offered the bursty-ness that I so sorely missed in Lyonar these days. Here’s what I sleeved up.

I’ve only played 6 games with it in S yet, but I have won all of them bar one. It’s ridiculous if you can just threaten a 4-10 damage AoE attack out of hand at almost every stage of the game. I removed the Magmar Sister because she felt way too re-active. After all, my opponent has to attack her which means he has to have creatures to do so and the liberty to attack with them. I don’t want that! But then again she might be just as good on offense. Need to play more games with her and maybe replace Sister L’Kian. Also replaced the Mystic with the Primus because all of my minions are disposable and I don’t care if I end the game at 1 life or at 5. Ironically, I did end 2 games of the 6 at 1 life. Also upped the Frenzy to 3 because it’s ridiculous with 6 rush creatures and 3 Thumping Waves in the deck. It’s like every other card in your deck is Holy Immolation but for a lot more damage. Sounds fair to me.

Even Dioltas’ totem is super useful in the deck because it allows you to hide behind it for a couple of turns while you wind up your Death-Ray.

Overall: 10/10. Would play again. And it’s so cheap too!


Nice edits, gotta try it out with your changes.


Alright, played 13 matches in S-Rank so far. My score is 10-3 and I love it. It feels completely unfair to hold 6 damage on a frenzied rush body in your hand. Or a 10 damage burst. I can already feel how all this limitless power changes me. Lyonar feels like poop compared to this. This must be how Songhai players feel every day.

All kidding aside: the deck is sick. It’s early game is hilariously terrible. 3/4th of it is completely useless when played on turn 1 and I feel like the Bloodtear Alchemist is only in there to lull the enemy into a false sense of security. But who needs early-game when you got a mid-game that brings you back from almost every disadvantage that you might’ve stumbled into during the first two turns.

Sister Taygete still feels like the worst card in the deck because she is so easily countered and most of the time just plays like a vanilla 3/4. I guess not everybody can be a Makantor Warbeast. Maybe L’Kian is better. At least no one expects her to do anything after she hit the board and those two extra cards can be replaced into more Warbeasts. Or maybe you even get Warbeasts.

I also thought about incorporating the OP’ness that is Flash Reincarnation/Kujata into the deck. That way the Sister would at least be an additional AoE effect and Makantor/Elucidator can come out a turn or two earlier. Or with an additional power buff. Because waiting until turn 7 to play Elucidator plus Thumping Wave is so exhausting. Mandrake might also get the cut because almost all of the other minions in the deck are either not long for this world anyway or too poopy for the enemy to use their removal on, so they always seem to end up eating the removal spells that the opponent couldn’t or wouldn’t play on anything else before them.

But we’ll see. I’ll probably play this deck next month to to climb to S instead of Lyonar. Lyonar feels silly, when you have to wait a turn every time you play a minion and even then you can only attack a single enemy. What unnecessary chivalry.

Side note: The deck nervertheless still gets shit on by Songhai. All hail Songhai. Praise our new Overlords.


Your deck looks awesome but I am missing a makantor and the 3 dioltas. What would you suggest as replacements while I gather my spirit?


Run Shieldmaster over dioltas and a stormmetal or another high quality 6 drop over the makantor. and craft the Makantor first.


You’re really running Shieldmaster over Sunsteel Defender?


Primus Shieldmaster might be fine. Or Sunsteel Defender. Or one of the Sisters. Or Adamantite Claws. Wanted to try those out at some point anyway. They represent 4 more burst damage out of hand, can’t be dispelled and demand an answer immediately or are just silly value if they go to the opposing general’s face two times.

And all credit goes to Cassador. I didn’t do anything much.