Presenting the Duelyst Wiki!


Hi all!

As the new expansion is coming closer I thought we the wiki team present the Duelyst Wiki to all of you and show some of its highlights:

The wiki’s core consists of course of pages for all cards existing in Duelyst right now. Many cards have not only the information about what they can do but also additional interactions, strategies and trivia stuff like past balance changes. And one of our newest additions: we have all animations for the cards now. If you want to know how awesome Astral Crusader looks, click here.

You can find categories with all their respective cards like artifacts, generals, minions, spells.

There is also a list with all keywords and all the cards related to them.

Every faction ( also has its own pages with all its cards listed.

But the wiki is way more than just a place to look up what every card is and can do, it has a huge selection of guides and decklists.
And because that amount is kind of intimidating for newer players we created a smaller selection for especially this group of players and one for returning players.

A lot of people miss the daily puzzle, so the wiki offers a lot of them. Unfortunately you don’t get 5g for solving these :wink: Of course we have solutions for the Solo Challenges too. If you are more interested in the new singleplayer content Duelyst offers, the wiki has a list with all bosses we had to fight till now, with discussions thread from Reddit and the Forums.

Some people are also interested in which changes the game went through in its more than two years of existence. For them there is an archive with all patch notes.

You also can read up on all game and card lore the game offers (and some fan lore). No need to start Duelyst for that :slight_smile:

Beside all that the wiki’s frontpage shows Duelyst’s Twitter account, so it is a good place to stay informed if you’re like me and don’t use Twitter yourself.
The frontpage also offers the possibility to listen to Duelyst’s awesome OST made by Ben MacDougall. A player is integrated there and you just have to click the play button while you are playing to hear more than only the 2-3 songs in the game itself!

But the wiki is a community’s project so we include the community’s fan art too! If you want to see some awesome fanart, you are right here.
And if you are more interested in other Duelyst content on Twitch or Youtube this section is the place where you want to be.

We hope we could show you maybe one or two things about the Wiki you haven’t known before and sparked your interest in participating in this great project for one of our favorite games :smile: If so, just send me a message and I’d love bringing you in!

We also want to thank @t2k5 for his complete card data set which makes it possible to auto generate card pages and @ThanatosNoa for the good work relations with CPG and always having an open ear for our ideas and wishes :slight_smile: And not to forget the guys from Gamepedia itself who are always willing to help with the CSS!

Thanks for your interest!
the Wiki team (@boronian, @mycroft92, eTruck, @birdetta)


Is there any text in the wiki specifically in the “dispel” page that says dispel cannot get rid of artifacts,had to learn that the hard way.

Also, I didn’t even know that birdetta and mycroft worked on the wiki, that’s very selfless of them!


Read here:

Well being in a community is always a taking and giving, so I am not sure selfless is the word I’d choose but it is a good one :slight_smile:


Excellent work, my friend! Keep it up!


While I do appreciate the work that you’ve been doing on the wiki, I’ve been looking over your lore section and I’m seeing nothing on the individual card lore. Am I missing a link or something?


Great stuff! Having fun with the random article feature which is the best part of any wiki :stuck_out_tongue: also interesting that so many gimmick cards were op originally


Like Boronian already said, many people like @F8D, @hsuku and @grinch in the community helped me and I just wanted to contribute anyway I can.


I heard you and did some work on the wiki. Please click the lore link again and you will see there is a page with all card lore now :slight_smile: Enjoy it!


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