Preferred Playstyle?


Hi guys! I felt like making a thread, threads are nice. Talking about Duelyst is nice too. Let’s find out what the forums play, shall we?

I don’t think there’s been a poll like this before, and I don’t know all the archetypes by heart, so I’m just going to pull off Bagoum. Vote for anything and everything you play. If there’s anything unlisted, please feel free to comment and let us know what you’re playing.

If you don’t play anything for a particular faction, please tick the “none” option in that faction’s poll. It will make tracking things much much simpler if all the polls have the same number of voters

Just to be clear, though, this isn’t for deck lists in particular. An archetype is defined by how it is structured, its game plan, and how it plays. Tech choices/card variations (an example being Fast Cassyva with 2 Rites as opposed to Fast Cassyva with 1 Rite) don’t make, for the purposes of these questions, a significant difference. That said, feel free to discuss lists and tech choices/matchups.

thanks @karsticles

Overall Playstyle:

  • Control
  • Midrange
  • Combo
  • Tempo
  • Aggro

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Archetype specifics, by faction:


  • Tempo Argeon
  • Bond Argeon
  • Control Argeon
  • Heal Zir’an
  • None

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  • Fast Cassyva
  • Big Lilithe
  • Control Cassyva
  • Swarm Lilithe
  • Aggro Lilithe
  • None

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  • Midrange Faie
  • Wall Faie
  • Mech Kara
  • Aggro Faie
  • Midrange Kara
  • None

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  • Big Vaath
  • Mech Vaath
  • Rush Mag/KeeperMar
  • Zoo Starhorn
  • Solo Vaath
  • None

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  • Spell Reva
  • Midrange Reva
  • Aggro Reva
  • Arcanyst Reva
  • Control Reva
  • Move Kaleos
  • None

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  • Obelysk Zirix/SimCity
  • Midrange Zirix
  • Control Sajj
  • Artifact Sajj
  • Aggro Zirix
  • None

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I’ll update with adjusted statistics later on, once the poll has been up for a while (adding up vote totals and redistributing percentages)

I tried to edit the OP and the polls all crashed, remade. Not editing it again FOR REAL THIS TIME, whoops.


That’s a…
Very nice :sunglasses:


Please no bully just because I had to make this thread 5 times :cry:

I don’t expect the votes to line up with any published meta lists; in part because our community is small enough that not everything would be able to be represented if that were the case, and also because those lists are really for tournament/top tier metagames.

I DO expect it to be skewed towards lists that either are comparatively easy to play (not bashing anyone on this or specifying what I think those are), are consistent, or have a big flashy thing they can do. I know that’s quite the range of predictions, but they are decidedly not the thing I don’t expect to happen.


Aloe vera, why can’t I choose Grow Vaath or ControlHorn for Magmar, that’s what I play (╥﹏╥) Also Backstab Kaleos.


Because you’re the only one who plays it :slight_smile:


Well, that’s probably true XD


Hmm. Clicked a Move Kaelos as I was pretty sure it’s Backstabhai.

Though ControlHorn… that sounds unique indeed.


I think you might want to have a definition of the different overall archetypes somewhere in your first post. Because, what’s the difference between Tempo and Aggro? What between Tempo and Midrange? Are there even pure Control lists viable in Duelyst or is every Control deck just a Midrange deck? Is DB Lyonar a Combo deck? Is Spellhai?

If you give an description to go by we could at least agree on what archetypes we play based on that.


Ok it started fine, but I got into trouble real fast when voting.

I am playing a lot of styles that are not in the list, for example I have Aggro Kara and Wall Kara decks.
And for the other factions it went even worse. So yeah, cannot really vote on these polls.


As a fairly new player I don’t know what is the meaning of many of those terms, where can I find explanations or examples for each of those categories?


You asked for it!

This is one of my favorite decks at the moment. If I were going according to the list I guess it would go under the “control cassy” category even though it certainly doesn’t feel like that. Oh well. It’s a pretty standard deck with a few minor twists to it, the most notable one being the hollow. Because fuck thirteen-tens.[/details]

Here’s another one of my favorites, and it’s not listed because apparently Faie isn’t worthy of running mechs even though it makes so much sense smh tbh bbq. It’s a fucking boring looking deck with nothing special about it and that’s exactly why it works so damn well. It’s consistency is kind of scary.[/details]

I don’t play this one as much, because it isn’t all that great as the other two. But I really should because it’s so much fun. Games are so quick with it and despite it looking like a brainless aggro deck, it takes quite a lot to play it as efficiently as possible, like with most aggro decks really. The version above is what I currently run, but If I had Arakis I’d put them in too. It’s far from optimal but it’s quite good.[/details]

As you can see, I prefer the minion based aggro and midrange decks. None of that heavy control and combo stuff. I like aggro the most but currently it isn’t as strong so I’m sticking with midrange, but one day… one day.

About the issue with the poll is how the decks are taken from that tier list site which other than being really vague and not having all the decks represented in it, also only has decks which are supposed to work in S tier. It would be better to just name literally any archetype that comes to your mind due to the way polls works ie how youre able to choose multiple options.

It doesn’t really matter anyway, because the polls are supposed to give a vague idea about what forum goers prefer to play rather than it providing actual stats. And that’s what they do.



I am interested in that Mech deck. You are right that doesnt look very good, but I am sure it can be strong. Of course the win condition is MECHAZOR. How it behaves for example against Tempo Argeon? Can you say something more abiut this deck? :slight_smile:


Well, I can’t do that now cause it would break the polls. However, I can do that here!

Control would be decks that pack lots of answers, including minions like Falcius. They can win by attrition better than any other type of list, because they usually contain clocks that cap the game’s duration. Examples are Control Cass (Obliterate/Azalea), Control Sajj (Spinecleaver).

Midrange decks are less focused on grinding out the game but instead keep presence on board to match other decks, and win by having something very large go very unanswered. They have a lot of value minions so that even if they’re dealt with, they’re still in the game, as opposed to control decks that would likely shift focus on minions to value generators.

Tempo lists are concerned with getting the most bang for your buck as far as many goes. The only named list in the polls is Tempo Argeon, and it is a good example: for two mana apiece, that deck has some of the most threatening two-drops in Duelyst. Examples of what would make tempo plays are slo + immo, arclyte sentinel.

Aggro lists are concerned with hitting people’s faces and not so much about man’s efficiency. They have loads of small minions and the curve usually doesn’t go up as high as tempo decks.

You’re right, though, there is some overlap between control/midrange and tempo/aggro in this game.

Honestly as far as combo goes I was just thinking about replace (and I guess ion otk and twin fang? things that combo out. you know. combo.) :sweat_smile:


I love how popular Zi’ran apperently is


Would have been nice for an ‘others’ option


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