Predictions for power rankings in Duelyst


Hello everyone,

As I’m sure many of us are aware, the Rise of the Bloodborn expansion will be released in less than 24 hours. With the new cards being released, which playstyle/archetype do you think will be the strongest after the expansion hits? I know that there are some cards that have not been revealed yet, so make your predictions based on what HAS been revealed up to this point. I’m curious to know what decks you think will be top-tier.


Spellhai is my bet, we’ll see …


Its completely pointless to even try and predict something like that, even when not taking into account the unrevealed ones. Remember the first shimzar week, when everyone was losing their shit about nimbus?


1.Tempo Lyonar
2. Fast/control Cass and/or aggro Vaath
3. Some Reva stuff
4. Not Vetruvian
5. Everything else


It isn’t really about trying to seriously predict but just have some fun and see how bad your guess was when the real meta rolls around XD.

  1. Argeon or Some kind of Cassy deck
  2. Aggro Magar
  3. Songhai or something
  4. Vet (unlikely but I can dream)


S tier

Punish Cass
Aggro Argeon
Aggro Vaath
Aggro Faie

A tier

Swarm Lilthe
Mid range or Aggro Reva
Swarm Starhorn

Thats all I can think of right now.I expect aggro decks to work early and later the mid/control will pop out.With people trying out the greedy late 8 drops in the first couple weeks ,new meta and good new aggro tools.The best decks will be aggroish decks


Yes, i am fun at parties.


This is the perfect time to make some completely insane predictions and say that you “called it all along” if they turn out to be true. So I predict that Grandmaster Variax will shape the meta.

What’s that you say? We don’t know anything about that card? Well, what more do we know about the power of the revealed cards?

As for decks:


  • Control Vanar
  • Tempo Lyonar
  • Control Cass
  • Vetruvian for the first 2 weeks before they are nerfed


  • Swarm Abyssian
  • Healing Lyonar
  • Slow Songhai
  • Combo Magmar


I want in on this predicting the unpredictable fun :sweat_smile:

Top (in no order)

  • Control Faie
  • Tempo/MR Argeon
  • Fast/Control Cass
  • Aggro/Zoo Vaath (possibly Floodhorn)

Bottom (")

  • Kara (Mech/Wall?)
  • All Vetruvian
  • Swarm Lilithe
  • All Kaleos
  • Control Magmar

Average (")

  • All Reva
  • Grinder Lilithe
  • Aggro Faie


I am wondering for some Aggro Faie deck! :heart_eyes: But I will need your help people to build it! :slight_smile:


The new archetype yet to be revealed:
Pony Power!
With such powerful cards as:
Love and Tolerate
2 Mana
Pony Cannon:
1 Mana
Give a Minion +10 Attack, Celerity, Ranged, Rush, and Forcefield

In all seriousness though:
Argeon Lyonar,
Vanar Faie,
Aggro Vaath,
Not Vetruvian

100th Vetruvian


*Gets out a fake crystal ball and puts hands around it

I’ll say a rise in Vet, Swarm style (Starhorn and Lilithe) and Lyonar overall.

First month or so, also a rise in bloodsurge/control decks before dying off to more midrange/aggro after the first month.

Songhai and Vanar will stay around where it is now.

Magmar non-swarm decks, shadow creep and mech decks to slide downwards.

Vanar wall decks to have mixed results depending on when that legendary wants to appear in hand.

*Puts the fake crystal ball away


Healyonar tier 0

Sajj aggro tier 1

Lilithe dying wish tier 1

Tempo Argeon tier 1

Millhorn tier 2

Wall Kara tier 2


This is the time! Vetruvian will rise from the ashes of our siphon nerf’s! You Abyssian mains will rue the day that- wait, Abyssian got punish?..nevermind


I’d say tempo Argeons. The card iirc “Trinity Oath”. Heal for 4 and draw for 3 is basically the best card draw in the game with no downsides or criteria. Also, it is a card that just got rid of Tempo Argeon’s only weakness competing against slower decks, card draw. It is the fastest deck atm and with it’s only problem of running out of steam covered, I can see that he will be everywhere, considering how relatively cheap the deck is.

But someone already mentioned, you will never know for sure until the expansion hits and everything settles at half to 1 month later.


Whatever top players play.


Supir-gud teer: Controlhai, Big Abyssian, That one Sajj deck that we don’t talk about
Preety-goo dteir: Control Cass, Wall Kara, Value Zir’an
Memes tier: Magmar(all), Golem Lyonar, Serpenti Vanar


YES! another believer of Control Vanar, it got so many good control spells this expac.


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