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Power rankings question


Experienced competitive players, I have a question:

In your opinion, in the “Power Rankings” how much of a power difference is there between the #1 deck (currently Wanderer Ragnora) and the following? More generally between two spots in this ranking?

Assuming same player skill, is there a very large gap, or is it more decided by match-up and luck events?



The first 8 decks are very close imho, it just depends on the Player skills with the deck and draws


If you ask @niklaren he can link the voting sheets.

In my opinion it is pretty close.


Gotta agree with these guys.

Matchups can really go either way between these decks, although a few have easier times against others, naturally.


Funny you say that cause Im pretty sure I heard the opposite from tournament winning people
World’s confusing, man
you just gotta learn to live without knowing anything


The ladder is flooded with the first three decks, but any of these decks can get to s rank with relative ease if played well



Ladder and tournament are very different though.


Yeah this is kind of a neat subject. Basically boils down to the fact that skill level of people on ladder and people at the top of tournaments is very different. In general at the top of tournaments players will be making far fewer giant mistakes and so things like predicting matchups and teching correctly become much more important. On ladder however if you’re good enough you can climb with basically any deck archetype you want fairly easily if you’re knowledgable enough.


essentially the reason why tournament players wouldnt like wanderer is because it basically can tech for almost anything and it can be a real gamble whether the wanderer wins or not. I.E night watcher.

even tho wanderer only runs one, if they get one, some decks are screwed


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nzraxJFONZkLTgq46bJjssT5i2Kir_y5CEBeRUWGPX0/edit?usp=sharing as requested.

I think the top 2 are very close, fault was actually 1st in October. After that I feel there’s like a slight power dip where you don’t get so many free wins on autopilot, but the rest will still perform very well if you know how to play the game. Actually I think the other wanders were underrated (due to spammers voting), but honestly a lot of decks are pretty damn playable in this meta. I have been keeping a high win % recently with Titan, Arcanysts, Lurking Fear, Walls & such. Although (and I don’t wish to disparage anyone) sometimes ladder Wanderers will flash Wanderer vs me and still lose handily which doesn’t happen quite that way vs the really good players, so it’s hard to be certain on how strong a deck is until you play it yourself. Last time I played Wanderer it really did feel like switching to easy mode, and that was non-Ragnora. All just my opinion of course.

This went on longer than I planned, but hopefully my opining was useful.


Very useful! Thanks a lot to you and all the others in this thread!


If you look at the voting sheet you see that the positiong is pretty diverse and the people couldn’t agree on much.

As an example Rhacker puts Wanderer Zirix at 2, Spammernoob at 30. Burn Starhorn ranks between 5 and 20 though it performed really well last week in Team Wars. Fascinating to me :slight_smile:


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