Potential New Archetype: Tempo Vespyr Kara


Are you sick and tired of Kara dominating the ladder?

Sorry. The speedup of the meta doesn’t take our favorite rugby player out of the running…not at all. With the addition of solid on-curve Vespyr and Infiltrate minions, the new Kara doesn’t even need to actually Infiltrate to be scary as hell.

My current list:

3x Snowchaser
3x Crystal Cloaker
3x Primus Fist
3x Fenrir Warmaster
3x Snow Rippler
3x Sojourner
3x Saberspine Tiger
2x Iceblade Dryad
3x Wind Sister Maia (Yes, really!)
2x Daugar Lord

3x Chromatic Cold
2x Frostfire
3x Cryogenesis
1x Frostburn

2x Snowpiercer

The tempo is REAL. With Snowchaser, Crystal Cloaker, Primus Fist, Snow Rippler, and Wind Sister all possessing premium stats for the mana, every use of Kinetic Surge takes them from on-curve to ridiculous. Snowchaser, Fenrir Warmaster and Draugar Lord are sticky as hell, wreaking havoc on the opponent’s ability to remove all your minions.

But the real killer app is Wind Sister Maia. With her down, the already-premium-statted Snowchaser, Crystal Cloaker, and Snow Rippler all gain an extra +1/+1 when dropped, making them go from ridiculous to plaid. (Nothing like running a 4/3 Snowchaser into a Taygete, popping it back to your hand, dropping Kinetic Surge, and recasting it at 4/3 again for 1 mana on the same turn. :slight_smile: )

Of course, tempo in Duelyst dies fast if it can’t refill its hand – but Cryogenesis, Sojourner, and Snowchaser do a great job of keeping that hand full and blazing.

Add the classic Kara Tigers as an up-close finisher and Frostfire+Ice Dryad as a huge burst to take down someone on the other side of the field, and you have a deck that just steamrolls and doesn’t stop.


Where’s the Vespyric Call?


Honestly, I tried it, and it was clunky, calling up expensive Vespyrs early and cheap Vespyrs late. I want my curve smooth as butter. That said, just since that post 20 minutes ago, I got pissed that I left a Frostburn in my deck and am currently looking for something to replace it with. Maybe Vespyric Call as a one-of wouldn’t be too bad.

I’m also considering swapping the Fenrir Warmasters for Inquisitor Kron, just for the OPs. We’ll see if that screws up the curve, or helps it out. Hard to tell right now. :slight_smile:


Fair enough.
I don’t have near the spirit or money to throw together the deck, but I figured the +1/1 on call would synergize really well.
I’m really not used to the whole random generated cards, versus search from deck.
I play CCG’s in real life and that concept is very foreign to me xD

I can see how the cost issues you mentioned would be, well, issues xD