Potential New Archetype: Swarm Vetruvian


Between the Battle Pet that summons 2 Poop Golems upon dying and the 3-cost spell that puts 3 random Battle Pets in your Action Bar…oh, and Orb Weaver and Fireblaze Obelysk…yes, yes, and even Windstorm Obelysk…and of course Star’s Fury…I’m 5/5 with Swarm Vet so far this patch.

OK, so the sample size is small, but seriously guys – try it. It’s hideous. I’ll post a decklist here if I’m still above 75% at 20 games. :slight_smile:


You’re not even mentioning the new legendary that spawns the op obelysks - and when inner oasis hits… gg

I think the deck is very viable, I might try it out myself


speaking of posting decklists, how do you do that layout that i see all the time, i have the deck on duelystdb but can’t figure out how to make that picture


There’s a button labeled “landscape” in the deck creator. Click that and a new tab with the png should open up. Just copy paste the URL


thanks for the info