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Post your most rediculous games


OG swarm queen vs overpowered lizard swarm


lost because of bad connection :frowning:

sorry for using cancer


Hold my beer




Xor sucks


I still remember someone trying to break down what happened (that was @boronian right?)


How do you mean that?


Am I the only one who can’t load this replay?




It seems Firefox may not be supported, any longer.
Replays aren’t loading. Even advertises for Chrome.


I can’t load the replay on Chrome either.


If I recall it was simply t1 spear into t2 Abjudicator into t3 lethal with 1 mana to spare.

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Actually, might’ve been @humancalc.

@boronian, someone was trying to figure out how jay was at 16 health, c.speargot 1 ping damage, cass got (at least) 2 creep, and at full health


Ooz, Void Pulse, there are some possibilities.


Maybe you meant “1 mana to BM bbs”

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Looks like someone remembers me doing the working out :blush:.

Why is there this thread anyway when we already have this?


Replays are usually broken for me, thought I’d post the link in case they aren’t for someone. Bummer!


My most ridiculous game was t4 double gate highroll…or the one time i got t2 fault

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Will the new player and his budget Vanar list prevail against some bully playing Eight Gates (me)? Find out today! https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LRp-0AlQfHmzYVQKhs4 (Trigger warning: Topdecks)


This isn’t really a crazy won but it was against the OP so why not?


Definetely worth the watch though (it’s like a minute long).


Will the new player and his Wanderer Lilithe deck prevail against some
mad lad playing Bonecrusher Cass (me)? There’s just one way to find out. https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LRpylhp0tskf6AwixLD

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