Post your favourite deck!


Oh boi that Denadoro/Zurael deck seems super tempting, nice! :stuck_out_tongue:



@melkorita, using both techniques provides consistency. It rocked when NoSE was 5 as P2: artifact, Dragonlark Neuro, NoSe. And even now I perceive Neuro Combo as my main means of reaching Trial.





Currently, this edition of the Regalia/Standard dream. The Day Watcher/Sunforge Lancer synergy is so fun.


It’s not that Burnhorn is stressful cuz there really isn’t too much to it, but Titan is a lot easier to play in my opinion.

At least with my build, I have to decide whether or not I should push Tempo, push damage or spend some of my mana removing minions. When I play Titan though, I just have the goal of maintaining Tempo so my Titan will be pretty disgusting. A lot of it comes down to matchups too.


Spamming snowchasers

I’d like to post an Ilena deck just because I love the general but all my decks with her struggle too much to be enjoyable.


This is the deck I have been playing and enjoying recently :

It revolves around two of my favourite archetypes : keeper and reliquarian !
It is still a work in progress, but it is a load of fun !

I went with Ilena for the stall potential and disciple of Yggdra : it is an early game minion that does not pollute the keeper pool.
For the ramp, only MDG is usable (once again because of keeper).
The aspect of ego is only for reliquarian, and aspect of the drake for the reach in the late game (no heart sister).
I might tweak the numbers and swap out moose (it comes back stunned from keeper).


Nice! I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:


Did you finally manage to make this meme come true?


It’s not it’s truest form but it’s true enough :wink:


You took my idea:/

But hell keeper might just be a great edition:)


Seems nice, i’ll try it.



My top favourites are:
Im playing this deck (with some minor changes from time to time) since year and half ago.

Im having a lot of fun with Xor


First ever deck I’ve made by myself and it got me into Diamond for the 1st time. Trash Deck.


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