Post Patch Eggmar Help


What deck kills you that fast?


Hyperswarm? Can get some stupidly fast lethals from it with the right draws.


This is what I used to finish the grind this season if anyone cares. The trick is to draw what you need.


Yeah it was a swarm that hit all the buttons and played 2x Soulshatter Pacts… it was kinda disgusting.


Something I learned is just “dont craft stuff you dont see played all the time”, or at least relatively often. Unless you’re crafting something for fun, in which case anything is cool

This is all the knowlege of how to win across all conceivable cardgames, packed in a single, true, irrefutable, and comical phrase; I love you, incredibly wise person, I’ll absolutely sell you my coats


How has the spread of x2 egg morph and x3 Inceptor been working out for you?


Egg morph is used as 2 more copies of inceptor. There is hardly anything you need to use egg morph to remove. With 5 copies theres almost always a way to hatch something


So it’s time outing me as a noob :rofl::
What’s the trick playing Extinction Event? How can you get eggs on board and play an 8 Mana card in the same turn? The only thing I see is trading in Young S. and/or Raptyr. What am I missing?
(Haven’t played the last seasons. This season about 20 games so far. But I didn’t dare to play Extinction so far…)


BBS + Event 9 mana.


And that’s worth all the setup (thinking of most probably wanting an Zoetic Charm also)?
OK - as I said: I haven’t tried it. And that Extinction-Decks have their own name should tell me it is worth…


The guys are big af so yeah.


If you are just getting a single 6/26 it’s not too amazing, but remember that it is active right away, so basically has rush, so can impact the board state right away. A lone 9 mana 6/26 rush it isn’t blowing any minds, but it can win games, or protect you from an immediate threat and continue to help out as a very sticky body.

But now imagine that you have a single Ripper, if you get it in range to attack the enemy general and hit for 3 damage, then BBS and Event you follow up with two 6 ATK hits, to total 15 burst damage (60% of their total HP) as well as now having a couple of 6/24s. Obviously this scales up very nicely when you have more eggs or low HP rebirth minions, which won’t happen all the time, but is far from implausible.

Additionally, since one way to answer eggs is to dispel them you can use this to counter an EMP and force your otherwise useless dispelled eggs into a game winning situation.

Basically the card goes off a little more than you’d think it might, and while it can be a little slow it’s not very easy to deal with once the huge Dinos are active on the board, it’s quite satisfying.


I got it now:
Duelyst-Lesson No.1: Read the card text!
I had in mind that Eggs will hatch into Katastrophosaurus (when it’s their time to hatch). Didn’t realize they hatch into it immediately. That makes up a whole new story of course!


Been a while… went on a little vacation… meant to post this before I left…
I added the Progenitor and Morin-Khur… but I’m finding that I almost never find a good opportunity to use them. It seems like I have them in hand but no board or I’m about to play burst damage and win. The last couple of matches for sure have been me at 3 or 4 health and my opponent completely surprised that they’re suddenly dead from 12-14 health… Maybe I’m just not seeing how they’re supposed to be used… Honestly… I feel like Progenitor is terrible… which seems wrong since he’s a legendary and highly recommended… I need to post a new deck list since it has changed so much but that’ll have to wait until tonight… just thought I would ask how others are using those 2 cards and/or what I’m missing…

EDIT: For clarity… I’m still winning with this deck… but I’m replacing out of the cards I mentioned… and just don’t see a situation where I wouldn’t do exactly that…


Play it t9 after a Juggernaut drop, Make opponent insta concede

Abuse Crypto, BBMentor and lots of rebirth minions to gain plenty of eggs.


Yes, he is terrible, totally doesn’t win games in a blink of an eye. I have never raged quit against that card.

Seriously speaking, I would say the card does better in a more board oriented list and does not work as well against the aggro decks out there. If you feel your personal playstyle is more aggroy and fast, then maybe the card isn’t a good fit.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t really play Magmar so I could be horrendously wrong, epicflygon already taught me this with our erratic raptor discussion so please don’t bash into me too much.


Do you have a link to a deck that capitalizes on his ability? I am running my eggmar extremely aggressively to draw out that face damage to pull my opp into burst range but would love to take a mid or defensive egg/progenitor deck for a spin…


My list is pretty good at that


I don’t have a specific list, but whenever I see the card it is either in an eggmar list like the one you are playing or in a regular midrange list. So you can try to run isgopet’s list but replace Inceptor/Gazer with Progenitor.


Thanks to the community! I am finally back up to gold and it’s largely to this thread and the deck it helped me spawn.

I’m debating swapping out the Primus or Gazer. I had Hulks in place of the Phalanxar but they weren’t as helpful at drawing out the early game pings and slowed the early game down a lot. One of the biggest challenges I found was learning how to pace the egg drops and placement for certain matchups. I’ll possibly tweak this further but I think the core of it is going to be left alone for a bit. Thanks again everyone for the help!