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Post Patch Eggmar Help


Have you run this yet? Seems interesting. I think I am short 1 or 2 rebukes and have zero Morin Khur. (just blew my spirit crafting Rizen :sob::sob:)


I will steer towards being able to run this. Probably be a week or two before I can craft 3 legendaries though.


I contacted our omlette overlord for his list.


I really hate erratic raptor on curve, more people should slot that in because of how aggro it is.


It’s actually insane in the lategame and bad on curve.


Eh, I think late-game it is not too great if the opponent is not top-decking whereas early-game it requires an entire turn’s mana of hard removal cause otherwise either a minion of yours gets cleared or you take 5 to the face and then you still have the egg to deal with. That has just been my experience against it while playing Mr. Hai.



Well, like I said, my experience against the card has been most negative when played on curve.

I just play too much in Silver to really see its potential so follow on with the great word of the Omlette Overlord and ignore anything I said =].


If you are still interested here is my most beloved EGGOLEM list that is a mix between the Combo and Swarm variant of Eggmar.
Notably is the use of Boulder Breacher and Progenitor. Both cards need a board to be good, but when they do you usually get a blowout. If you are lucky enough to get them paired together you can trigger Breacher’s Bond when he hatches. Breacher also allows Ripper to deal full damage to higher power minions and generals. Zoetic Charm is the backbone that keeps your swarm on board which benefits Progenitor and BB.

If you don’t have Morin Khur, you can add the third Makantor and Lava Lance/ Cryptographer


Guys there is somewhere here control ragnora deck with only 6 minions and both egg related artifacts. 3x extinction events instead of Morin khur. Or was it Tm25 on youtube? I think it’s the best egg deck atm. If somebody knows this deck please post it here and the author. It’s a lot of fun and really stronk. Thank you.


bad on curve… this is the phase leading up to max mana?


I think Flygon meant that Raptyr is not that easy to handle in the early game when lots of cheap minions are running around that can easily trade up with it. The trick is to generate a “Zone” with Raptyr where the opponent doesn’t want to put good stuff in and where you can counter any invasions of smaller minions by securing the Raptyr via body blocks.

I have Flashed Raptyrs P1T1 and won the game with it on board… it just isn’t that easy.


Pretty much playing Raptor turn 2 as p1 or turn 1 as p2 is not the brightest idea.


I haven’t been able to craft the higher value stuff but I did craft inceptors and swapped them with rizen. I also put in some spikes for burst damage. Holy crap, egging for 10 damage on turn 3 is disgusting.


Here’s the super cheap list I’ve been running. No cute synergies, just B I G T E M P O and stupid burst.

  1. Generic golem package stuff and tempo 'em out. Aim to trade up and 2for1.
  2. Finish 'em off with the combo.


Lava Lance over Nat Select?

Nat Select conflicts with your BBS.


with less emp being played I think having nat sel over lance is fine, you just have to be aware of the anti-synergy and play around it


I found probably 70-80% of the time Natural select was a dead card because of eggs. Switched to Lava Lance only.
Tinkered a lot with mine and now have about 70% win with this. floating at the edge of gold atm.


hasn’t given me any real trouble.


…aaaaand… I’m back to losing every fucking match… 2nd or 3rd turn lethal in silver… screw this…