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Post Patch Eggmar Help


I’ve been mucking around with this and it’s been fairly successful but I feel like my early plays are conflicted and I feel like I’m trying to prioritize between way too many things. I’m not sure if it’s the decklist, dumb mistakes on my part, or both or neither… Either way, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Morin-Khur and the 4 mana egg hatcher, drop Rizen and Cascade.


Awww… but Rizen is so fun :frowning:
EDIT: Wait… 4 mana egg hatcher? Egg Morph? It’s there…


Wild Interceptor, 4 mana 3/3, Opening Gambit: Hatch a Friendly Egg, Shim’zar Common

Adding Flash and more two drops should help with consistency, Metallurgist would be a great synergy pick with your other two golems.

Plasma Storm wouldn’t go amiss either.

This is the list i’ve been running. Dunno if it’s Eggmar, but it works.


The minion one.

If you don’t want to win more then you probably shouldn’t be asking for advice on your deck.


@epicflygon Yeah, but your suggestion is to replace an epic 4 drop with a common one that has an ability dependent on you maintaining board control… Instead of being a dick, and just assuming I’ll plug in whatever you suggest and magically become a super ultra diamond platinum mega player… maybe offer advice as to why one is a bad pick and the other is good. If you don’t want to offer help why post in a thread asking for help?


Thanks for the help… I can’t help but notice this deck doesn’t use the Wild Interceptor… I also notice you’re not running Rage Reactor… is that because of tempo?


Rizen is a bad card as it’s easily answered, sure some games it doesn’t and you win but the are games that it doesn’t get answered but you still lose. It simply isn’t that threatening and can be ignored.

While Wild Inceptor can consistently put your oppenent in a losing position by applying lots of pressure, tempo swings and damage.


Does the rest of the deck support enough egg generation for that or should I modify to ramp that up as well? I rarely have more than a few eggs on the board at any given time.

EDIT: I also wish I had asked this sooner because I just crafted the 3 Rizens last night :disappointed_relieved:


Your bbs is all you need but the 5/4 4 mana legendary that summons eggs behind all your dudes is very good as he provides a lot of tempo and makes your boards stick.


I feel like with Eggmar, you can go a lot of different directions. Do you want your deck to be more late game focused (extinction event) or combo focused (more centered around Ripper eggs)?


Or the most competitive variant that focuses on Tempo and also has the Morin combo.

All though Morin has been nerfed so it’s mainly just tempo.


I’d play 3 zoetic charm. It crushes certain matchups and still serves purpose in others.

Rizen usually eats a cheap removal or is ignored until aoe, incidentally it can win the game if your opponent played gor/sarlac.

Your original lists lacks 2 drops, (artifacts don’t really count in my view)

Rage Reactor is weird, but not bad per se. I don’t personally like it, but I’ve seen it do work here and there. But unless you have charm equipped the egg it makes will almost certainly die, though with charm you are blowing precious artifact charges.

Maybe ask Seedy what deck he was running at the end of last season, since he played eggmar into top 5 in the last day.


I’ve found that with the last two xpacs I’m not having success with late game decks the way I was prior to pre-Vanguard. I do enjoy tempo play more but it’s insanely difficult to maintain board control, especially if you run up against an Obliterate deck… so yeah… I’ve been trying to push tempo/aggro in my more recent builds.


I haven’t been able to play Eggs recently but this is what I would run, I have also contacted the Egg god himself Zabiool for his list.


It used to run Interceptor pre-rotation, I took it out and never put it back in. That said, it’s a pretty good enabler for egg combos. You’ll nearly always have a valid target with Ranora’s BBS so it’s rarely a dead draw, and can be comboed with flash. Also has a better body than Rizen.

As for Rage Reactor, I’ll admit I’ve never tested it, but it seems too low impact to use a card slot on it. it’s not bad, but you probably have better options.


That observation on Rage Reactor is definitely on point. I will say that if I add the Interceptor as has been suggested, it would be more useful but I feel like maybe it’s breaking tempo and could be a weak link… I dunno.

Rizen got added when I cascaded into him against a Vet player with 3 obelisks out. It was madness and I was like “holy crap… I have to craft this guy NOW!”… but he’s been a removal magnet for most games.


That makes sense… I also noticed, if I don’t play Rizen early, they usually aren’t playing enough creatures for him to be a guaranteed pick. Like… if they drop 3 creatures before I can get him out, they have enough board presence to spend a turn playing removal or utility or whatever. I see the logic for sure, just sucks that I crafted him for this deck without asking opinions first :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I think I’ll pull the rage reactors.


I’ve been trying to create a list that is more centered around getting huge burst off of Rippers, and this is what i have come up with so far. Other cards that i have been considering include thumping wave, Flameblood warlock, and tectonics spikes.


I forgot that gazer existed.