Post patch climbing help?


Hello everyone!

So, after the patch a lot of things changed, especially for someone who played vet and kara only hahahahah (cries in silence).

So here’s some context:
I’m a new player (month or so) that got the humble bundle packs, which means I have a few cards and some spirit left, but not much to work with because I focused mainly on vet and nimbuses and aymaras are expensive :grin:

And here’s the problem:
My late experience with vet has been very frustrating since there’s no ranged removals (try to shroud a fully surrounded bloodmoon priestess) and I lost my kara deck due to the fact that neutral commons are not so good with her anymore.

So, what do I want your help with?
I dusted my krons and zen’rui so I got roughly 2800 spirit to work with right now and that leaves me with 2 options:

1 - use this spirit to craft more vet stuff and try to figure out how to continue climbing with it.
2 - Use that spirit to craft another deck that, although not budget, would probably be incomplete, so I could climb. (was thinking maybe midrange vaath or aggro faie, maybe spellhai)

Some things to consider:

  • my current deck

    I’ve been trying cosmic flesh instead of SSW because I’ve thought about it for some time and decided it was a good time to test it since I would have to change it anyways

  • When thinking about a new deck, it would be nice to know that I have 1 spell jammer, 3 l’kian, and all commons and rares kara could use pre-patch, so keep in mind what I could do.

There’s also a third option which is wait to see what the meta is heading towards before crafting something, but that would require me to stop playing for a while feelsbad

I’m really torn here, I don’t know what to do. I really like vet and I don’t want to give up on them but I also like to have different faction decks for both quest completing and avoiding staling of my main deck.
I want to hear you guys’ opinions so I could decide what to do now


Try out lightbenders if you’re having issues with trying to dispel stuff. As it is atm, every single vet players are struggling to find a solution to this mess.

As for climbing the ladder, from the looks of it, Reva is going to be very dominant. Go with her if u just want them wins (and join the dark side lols). Magmar is a decent choice, not sure can they get away with running shrouds tho (cause 1-1’s for 2 is really really weak).

However, magmars have less of a problem with reach than vetruvians so yeah. I suggest trying out shrouds/ lightbenders to see if your current vet deck works out or not. If not just wait awhile for the emta to settle because I dont think you have enough spirit to be trying out stuff.