Post of deep personal sadness


Please, don’t summon me, I’m out :slight_smile:
(and no, you can’t have my account)

Really need to tweak my settings so I don’t get any emails when someone mentions me.
Edit: done! kthxbye.


Aww :hugs: hang in there! All of us long-time memers have been there, sometimes you get really excited for several decks in a row and they all fall face flat on the dirt in testing. Take a little break if needed, it’ll come back :slight_smile:

and yes pooping can be an awesome opportunity to theorycraft for deck ideas!


the problem is they have optimized our memes and the lines have been blurred. that, and tbh the memes in the new expansion is lacking. maybe we’ll have more fun when the next expansion rolls in.


I have often beat streamers and other good players with memes. I think unexpectancy plays a stronger role in single games than people think. Take my Calculator Cadence for example: it has a linear, easy-to-counter game plan, but it can beat the crap out of meta decks because nobody expects a gigantic body on 4 mana.


Yeah, I agree. That’s the difference between ladder and tournaments.

Meeting the same players consistently drastically lowers my winrate. That’s why I take breaks.


If you’re still in a dump try saying teehee in a really deep, manly voice


Hey, that’s stupid!ly funny


Right? I can’t do it without feeling silly


I seem to have caught this same thing you have: I’ve tested and dumped three new decks since the op. Is this contagious? :no_mouth:


This gives me hope. Besides random-inducing cards, are there any known examples of decks that are equipped to surprisingly switch their game plan?
When I see top-tier lists, it’s often very streamlined decks. Would it be effective to dump a wacky, out-of-archetype power card in these lists? Any ideas for that?


I have a bit of progress with swarm Arcanyst build for Brome. Guess I’ve stolen your luck :slight_smile:


Surprising tech cards in already powerful tier 1-2 decks are mainly the way to go for laddering. Against Fault and Brome I’ve had good success with Venom Toth recently. Against Wanderer, any early backline must-remove-card can be good.


Frontline must remove cards also work wonders. I’m speaking of Tahr. It’s very annoying when you can’t draw removal consistently and try to play on curve.


Defiantly still attempting to summon @nwardezir


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