Post of deep personal sadness


Maybe I’m just sad cause of irl issues. I am, btw. But also I’m sad due to the fact that I feel that I’m out of Duelyst related creativity.

I’m always looking for something fresh. To play something nobody plays. And also to be able to have a decent wr with the creative deck.

I know that I’m a bad player in the competitive sense. I have seen stupid decks being played by top S players with an awesome wr. Firestarter Kara for example. Or build Liturgy. But I just can’t.

I tried some fresh ideas of mine. Swarm Arcanyst Brome. Summon Illu while having Auroara on board and cast some spells. Or Moebius Cadence.

Nothing seems to work. Nothing.

Then I start optimizing the deck. I’m, again, not the best minmaxer, but I try. And you know what happens when I try to make the deck a bit more competent?

I have a meta deck. Without its own face whatsoever.

I fckn delete it and start from scratch. It doesn’t work. Again.

Then I go to forums and post this :slight_smile:

Saaaaaad :frowning:

P.S. No, I’m not saying that I’m going to leave Dooli.


I hope you rediscover your creativity soon! Always enjoyed the lists you posted. Even if I wasnt always as successful with them as you were. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sad because my creativity – my best idea for a deck ever – was brutally hacked apart before my eyes by the lazy CP developers… (Remember the demonic Panddos?)


I can sympathize with you. Feels very hard to make a unique deck even in archetypes where their shining point is how they change cards depending on the pilot. This is mainly because of two things or perhaps one thing which is how narrow the meta feels where you can only play very specific decks or generals or lose.

A good example of this is midrange decks in general. Why would you play something like midrange Vaath (even disregarding his weakness to Kha) or midrange Kaleos when you can just play wanderer, for that matter, why play Vaath in anything when you can play Ragnora and get rippers.

Really hoping the devs can be merciful and give a balance patch at least.


Really don’t want to make this a wanderer/fault is uncreative/unfun post, but in the past few days thats all I’ve seen in ladder. Makes it really hard to run fun combo/meme decks if you just get beat down by the same decks that you couldn’t tech for. Pulling off a fun combo > Winning, but if you can’t do neither because of these two decks, theres not really much to do. Hope you come up with more creative decks that will bring back underplayed archetypes (and hopefully can beat both fault and wanderer).


As the official Chief of Communication, I can say that the devs have no mercy. And neither do I. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I usually make decks starting off from 1 card or combo idea. Then build upon the idea as or when I can. Sometimes it leads to decks that I have ideas for but never get made until someone else does it first. Other times it can lead to decks that become meta in the future. Then there are other times where the idea is a total bust. But as long as the fun is there, then the outcome doesn’t matter.


Build Liturgy sounds like a great idea. I’m pretty sure the creativity is still in you.


Maybe you should bring a notebook with you when you go to take a shower or a dump. I get the bestest Duely ideas when I’m in the WC, but I never seem to retain them

Either that or just create a stupid deck without the intent to win. Sometimes you need to let your dumb out to get out of a funk


As far as laddering and winning, yeah…optimized decks with great synergies are pretty much exhausted at this point.

But, there is still much we can do as a community to be creatively invested: forum games, faction/card ideas, and helping new players.

Also, creating innovative tournaments such as the recent one with the “quickest general to 0 HP” winning condition.

If we can just hang on during the dry season in the desert valley of dooli content releases, using our collective resources to generate fun side games, then I think we all can have fulfilling experiences.


The idea is not mine. As I said, it was played by some top S ranker (sorry, mate, if you read it, I don’t remember who you were). And it actually was build/Strategos/Liturgy.

I don’t know if you are serious… But I do :joy:


Sub-optimal decks are fine.
Actually they are best. I derive much more entertainment from these than from optimizing any deck for optimal ladder climb (what a bore).

In my past experience (multiplayer game VTES), you could gain advantage from playing sub-par decks because it would make opponents misjudge you and divert their resources. It doesn’t seem that way with Duelyst though, but maybe I’m mistaken.
I play at the ladder level of my optimal entertainment, not the highest ladder level I could achieve, and I’m super happy with that.


actually, I think it works in Duelyst. Any non aggro deck wants to know what you are playing. Swarm? Burn? Solo? Replaces depend on that. Positioning depends on that.

Sudden frenzy ramped Revenant for example made many Fault players cry like babies.


I must’ve misread. Either way, no need to worry about a block. There’s really no point in being creative if you won’t enjoy yourself.


I understand how you feel, Indeed I’ve had the same happen to me in the past and am probably experiencing something similar RN.

If all of your ideas just don’t work/keep ending up as a regular meta deck maybe try playing a fun deck somebody else made for a change? I remember trying @Nwardezir’s Zirixz0r back during the first time I got Sad and it turned out to be so fun that it renewed my interest in playing and experimenting, I even ended up playing some variation of it up to the point where Mechaz0r got reworked. A more recent example is me taking F8’s old Pantheran deck and modernizing it a bit. I ended up with a really fun deck that I was able to take to S a couple of seasons ago.

Alternately, try and make a good anti-meta deck. I did it once during the Azure Vet/Wall Vanar/Aggro Cass meta and I can’t describe how pleasing it was to find a deck that counters the whole meta.

Overall, try to have fun. It doesn’t matter much what deck you play as long as you have
a fun time playing it.


I’ve seen Hsuku really struggle in a couple of occasion against decks he couldn’t identify… Although the whole deck had to be weird to really throw him off.
In Duelyst I don’t know how much of a real in-game advantage you can derive from small misdirections only. With an in-person multiplayer social setting, deception can be amplified and the gains are game-winning.
Probably not to such an extent in Duelyst though?

But I’ve been wondering about aggro-Trial decks recently, and for how long you could deceive about your actual game plan, gain something from misjudgement and still win when you are unmasked? Seems hard to pull off.


I faced this deck in S too, and lost, because I never expected Liturgy to come down. :smiley:
Must have been Xateaoroa who played it, because I remember complementing him for his sweet combo afterwards.


Aww. You could have joined my Stream yesterday for inspiration. I play all sorts of fun stuff. For example we played a Birb Combo Deck yesterday. Which was really fun. When you feel down and out seek some advice from your favorite content creators. =)


Sorry, bro, my heart belongs to @deathsadvocate already :kissing_heart: No offence :wink:

Also most streams are late night or early morning for me usually.

EDIT. Also I maybe didn’t make it clear enough. I’m not just looking for meme decks, I’m looking for meme decks that use innovative combos nobody plays. If I copy an interesting deck from someone else it still feels not enough.

But I got an idea of Double Ramp Maehv with Unbirth as a finisher, and a the certain S-ranker liked it, optimised and now plays himself. That is a much better outcome.


My plan isnt to beat all the other Songhai players.

It’s to outlast them.