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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


My bad, just saw this now, that’d be Australia - the kangaroos xP


Np, better late than never :wink:


Greetings from france


im weird i know rofl


wow such a friendy community


Nah, just dank


Yeah, I like necro-necro-necro-necro-threading!

Greetings from Russia!


The face when your opponent misses lethal


Me after running… Or after facing Burn Abyssian!





This is (honestly) a picture of me sitting in a dark room…

If anyone would like to see me sitting in a room with lights on, please send 4 easy payments of $19.95 ($25.99 S&H not included).

Seriously though, if there are at least 30 posted photos of active forum members in this thread by midnight Sunday…I promise to post an actual picture of myself…
…Or @longshot405 can hit S-rank, which is still an open offer.

hashtag… necromancy


I’m afraid my stance on the issue has not changed.
I may be convinced to upload a picture with enough interest/hassle.

This thread's title has finally been decided on

I will be revealing my face once a get my invite to YGO euros… I won’t be posting a pic but instead it’s a deck profile and the title includes my full name.


Here’s one!

29 left :slight_smile:


English is boring



Are you sure you want to post your name then? Not wanting to sound scary but this is the Internet after all.


Look, the video is for the YGO community, this is a better community.

unless you don’t want the face reveal then that’s fine. Teehee.


I’m still waiting for the day someone asks anything about longshot and S-rank. That was I can answer,“NOT BY A LONGSHOT!”


this is my face btw


27 left…