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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


Do you know what car it is? :wink:



But it’s a car, so it’s better than mine!


Guess the nationality,
Baci e abbracci, ciàbbelli.


Sure, why not hop on the necrotrain?

Yes, my eyebrows do merge into my glasses.


Hand. The pasta’s merely a distraction


Just graduated from Gauntlet Academy, I’d like to thank my favorite Professor, Hsuku LUL.


I hope you understand this is actually incentive for me to NOT reach S-rank. I already have enough reason not to care, and I have no desire to see Isbee’s ugly mug.


Wouldn’t that give you more fodder to insult him with though? Are you sure you wanna give up that much ammunition?


Sacrifices must be made to ensure I maintain my sanity. A person so ugly may potentially leave me in an endless loop of insults until I wither away from malnourishment or the inevitable heat death of the universe, should my immortality package arrive (I ordered it weeks ago from headquarters, but it seems they’re on back-order).

And this is only the fate I would suffer. Lesser forum goers without the willpower to stare the embodiment of disgust may have their faces melt off in a mere instant. I have chosen to accept this additional burden of never reaching S-rank, for the sake of all posters. If you appreciate my sacrifice, do not hesitate to like, comment and subscribe join my army of darkness.


Works for me! I’m definitely not worth that much effort. I mean, I could have said that I would stop hitting the Like button on this forum if you hit S…but we both know that would never happen…
I enjoy Liking with just as much passion you hate me doing so.


That’s gonna happen regardless buddy, may as well enjoy it before you go out!


Just have Mercy revive you.

Heroes never die!


Not if Malthael comes for you

No one, can stop. death.


Doesn’t mean that they can’t bring them back



Pretty hard to bring you back once even your soul has been torn from your body and consumed.


…you’ve never heard of zombies have you?


I have, but I doubt having an evil mastermind in zombie form, where he has no functioning cognitive abilities and no soul is really what he wants.


But that’s a perfect description of him and isbee!


Move along, children. This is not the meme topic.


This topic has been taken over and it’s your fault.