Post A Picture Of Yourself!


The sneaky necro. Whatever though, I’ll join in:

Sorry for the potato quality.

Edit: Wow, this thread has been necroed so many times. Neato.


Indeed. That potato on your desk looks like it’s gone bad. I expect better potatoes from someone who makes as good post content as yourself!


Where do you even see a potato.


Organic chem. Is the devil


The resemblance is uncanny.


It’s the eyes. That’s how you know.


I don’t see it.




Was this before and after you got your insane amount of Lyonar ribbons? Because that’s actually be pretty cool


Always kinda anxious about showing pics, but i don’t wanna fall behind you awesome peeps :slight_smile:


lol before . im at 25 ribbons now


Yo all, I’m living in Aus. I recently just got back into Duelyst and I’m hoping for some Songhai love in the next expansion :’)


The “Aus” with the Gulasch (-tria) or the one with Kangaroos (-tralia) ?



I have to say I appreciate this haircut a lot


© “What did he say to the barber ?” ™


this is about a year old, but i haven’t changed all that much aside from my mop growing wildly.
edit: oops, did i bump a too old thread? my first post here :l


Nah, it’s cool. Welcome!


This is how I look when I get beaten by Serpenti.


Technically, it’s my hand.
I will post an actual pic if @longshot405 ever hits S-Rank.


nice car