Post A Picture Of Yourself!


Im the guy by the way and we just came out from the rain :worried:
Im that random guy who joined the forums to stay informed on stuff but is too lazy to “stay infomed”


My ass in my homeland of [REDACTED].


I’m in Aussie right now for a holiday, but I hail from the land of the long white cloud


Hey guys I’m a new player and saw this thread and said why not :]

As you can see I enjoy playing basketball but whenever the oppurtunity comes I’ll be playing duelyst and looking forward to becoming a good player :]


You can become my protege


You know, the better you will be at Duelyst the worse you will become at everything else.
But keep in mind it doesn’t work everytime, I became even more shitty at sports and I haven’t improved much at Duelyst, since I started playing for example.


I don’t have picture but i have videooooo and a beautiful landscape of Nikko ^^


Thats me!


Idk , I’ve been playing more games and watching amines for a while, sports isn’ really changing besides me getting better , I haven’t need doing well in school but I definetaly improved on that



that’s a sick looking bass :smiley: is it a wyn?


Amines huh? They’re pretty sweet.


I like watching amines too! My favourite is this phenylethylamine:

(two years of university organic chemistry and this is what I have too show :sweat:)


Greetings from Germany


No, the 8-string and 10-string I have are both made by Chris Stambaugh.


Your facial expression suits your name very well


Tried hard…thx mate :slight_smile:


Mind sharing your beard with me :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure…youre welcome :wink:


Get Revived Son!

P.S. I don’t wear contacts