Post A Picture Of Yourself!


well guess ill share… from denmark btw


eey indonesian player too here


Knew nothing about this post

(Im the big skinny dinosaur on the back)

( rawr )


I’m the one in black.


^it would be extreeeeeeeemely weird if you’re a guy in that pose. extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely.





So, I finally got a decent pic of me. Well, I found one lying in my phone.


Im super new to this game but i´ve been beating people even when they seem to be so far from me with other heroes and cards o: Probably my favorite game right now .o.


Hi guys.


That black dress looks good on you

Also while I’m here


Damn, looks lile i’m thr oldest guy here, so i’ll pass :smiley:


Thought about looking for a flattering image. Then realized that I’m here to play card games.


I’m with you, old man :wink:


@nwardezir and @oshigawa

Just to know, how much old?
Cause i am older than those guys ( i suppose) but i consider myself still Young :sunglasses: 27


27! :joy: :joy: :joy:


Lol looks i’m not. 34.


I’m 29 and … “a few months”

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Haha I’m 34 too👍


Where in hell is 34 old?


Actually I’m not even mad, this thread is amazing.