Post A Picture Of Yourself!


Hello from Estonia


Awesome job everyone! Let’s see if we can’t get some more peeps to post here


Eh, why not!


I should probably join in here as well :smiley:



Hello from Indonesia! :grin:


I’m the one at the left by the way :slight_smile:


Nice try.


Customizing a guitar for a friend, Joe Mad Style!


Another image, this one me with some human with raisins.


a work of freakin art man. What band were you playing for


While ago when I rocked the facial hairs


For our now-defunct progressive hardcore funk (+any other genre we felt like doing) band, Niavka. Ignore the bad singer and crappy sound quality: :stuck_out_tongue:

For a sample of what the 10-string can do alone, Only bass and drums, no other instruments.


it’s me baby~


I’m kidding, too edgy.


I assume you’re the irl pando?



That’s me alright
Here come dat Hermione

sorry but I can’t find a good picture of myself lul



Funny original joke


Joining thread necro to say that my bs camera doesn’t help my already not-great-at-all face. Might post at some point if I get my hands on a decent one.