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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


Should I reveal my true identity? :thinking:

[Poll Megathread] More Polls Than Your Pitiful Mortal Mind Can Hope to Comprehend



Reverse psychology, eh?

Don’t think that I will fall for your primitive tricks so easily!


Me, at the cinema.


i can barely play 6 sting guitar


i feel out of place XD. my tan died when i moved tho


i just read this whole thing top to bottom. that felt like going through a timewarp or something.


Hello. Welcome to the future you!


What’s the movie?


Loving Vincent.


It looks a lot more sci-fi than I’d have expected.


That was an advertisement for a Pokemon game. :sweat_smile:


Literally laughing.


Tbh looks more like an old ass Bakugan game i played


Damn I remember bakugan. That was the shit back in like first and second grade.