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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


Friend 1: Guys, give me the finger. Let me take a photo.
Friend 2 & 3: Ok!


But, but the thumb’s not a finger…

@isbee shhh, let them rest a little while longer…


Exactly. I hang with the best idiots in the entire world.


Or your friends trolled you by making it look like their were having a decent/fun time by giving a thumbs up and making friend 1 look like a grumpy person who is giving the middle finger… or maybe their are idiots.


They’re idiots. No doubt.


Me eating pizza and @littlebelsprout on the right being cute


ew omg my hair. HAHAHA


dang how u guys making those gifs. i wanna make those


I think therefore I am. :thonk: :thonk: :thonk:

Face reveal soon.

The Purification Crusade

i thought you said your face reveal would be in the form of a deck profile

doppel warrior link spam deck profile or riot


Well… My group won 4 awards in Young Irish Philosophers Awards…


There’s an app called Snow that has a feature that allows you to make gifs with cute filters and everything


aaaaaye time to recover from more than a month’s worth of lame static selfies. thanks!



Why did someone revive this thread? Does it have Thanny’s blessing of Neverlock?


Face reveal when??? (´Д`)


It was before the time of locked threads.


i also have unlimited power and don’t feel like letting my thread get locked


Who are you…Why do I hear of you fo thr first time…


this was my post :wink: i just think it’s a really nice idea for people to get to know each other!