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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


I would recommend you move this to a booru.


not by a longshot phoenix… not by a longshot :wink:



Well, don’t judge yourself too harsh. It’s selfies that are the main evil of modern life.


I lost my parents to a selfie attack 30 years ago. Too many lives were lost in that war.


My grandfather still panicks whenever he sees a selfie stick



Rats! You blew my cover!
(I went out at 10 in the evening to buy a single potato just to make that joke. It was so awkward, I was tempted to buy a box of condoms to cover it up)



Why are you sending me that?


I think someone might be due for a trip to the optometrist :sirpenti:

No hard feeling though, but that took me by surprise, thanks for the laugh.


obviously he doesn’t know what a girl is


You are dead to me.


Bitch you fucking what.

I can kinda see what you’re talking about with Cardi B, but dumb fun definitely has a place in entertainment. She’s not that popular either, only has one really popular song in Bodak Yellow.

Kendrick tho. If you haven’t listened to To Pimp a Butterfly, do so immediately. That album is a fucking work of art.


Well let’s see. Jawline, light stubble in places, eyebrows, and adam’s apple. Very clearly male.

In other words, I don’t know.


Hip-hop is kind of overrated though. Guess it happens when something is too mainstream.


not to get into it but idk how hip hop can be overrated when it’s one of the most widely complained about genres in my experience


It’s also simultaneously the largest genre
It’s rare that something is popular but not widely complained about.


Hmmm this looks like something from the top of my head.


@isbee It is good to see your dark arts of necromancy have been used most wisely on this thread. Keep up the good work!


I meant overrated in a sense where it’s exorbitantly consumed despite said complaints. (Sorry, awkward word choice.) I don’t really know how the genre reached such a level of prominence when at least 50% percent of it is incoherent mumblings about drugs and sex. And other shit that doesn’t mean anything and only rhymes.


Ugh, ok ok, stop requesting it, gosh! Here it is:

Yes, it’s an Insta because I’m trash.





Days are getting warmer…
…had Isbae give me a trim…