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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


well im 13 its illegal not to


Its technically illegal for anyone to not have a seatbelt on, but I’m a rebel, don’t listen to the govurmen no mo’, this here is a new world order and we ain’t wearing seatbelts no mo’!

BTW, @galaxydueler, you know the song I was referencing right? Because its not like I just made something up.


of course i know what it is im not that sheltered


Oh, I didn’t think you were sheltered its just, not many people know who Weird Al is.


hasnt everyone heard that song though


I have no idea, these days all people like to listen to is Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar. They’ve all forgotten what good music sounds like and this is coming from someone who is deaf.


You’d better post YOUR OWN picture. Dammit.

I said.


Yeah, also please add president of the US to the list.



Hold up, I have a spare email, I can help with this.


But yeah @phoenixtoasches don’t be a prick and just post it already, you agreed to it earlier.


I agreed to a post a pic of my hearing aid. If that’s all you guys want, no problem.


You agreed to post a pic of your face.


Direct me to the post where I said that because I specifically only said:

And even then I said “maybe”. I can go all day in legalese if you want.


You also can’t get rid of that edit mark.


Countered and refuted, next attempt?


My next attempt will be flagging all your posts in this topic as irrelevant to topic if you don’t take part in this topic’s activities.

Really, as much as I love you, you’re a notorious thread derailer. Post a picture or else.

EDIT. You have time



That’s faked, you’re missing pixels.


If you want to, do it. Besides, the only posts that will be considered as an offense will be conversations between me and galaxydueler which I can agree to being marked as they are indeed off-topic, the rest were merely intentional compliments with some friendly joking put in because I want people to feel good about themselves. If you mark those posts as well then you would be required to do so to any other posts that do not have a picture of the user in them if we were to follow your line of thinking.:stuck_out_tongue:

But do you really have to blackmail me just for something as petty as this?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@epicflygon, how did I fake that within seconds of what you posted?


You had it all planned.


Wow, I must be a genius to think this far ahead, someone contact Harvard for full ride scholarship pls and Elon Musk for CEO of his AI company.