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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


Hey everyone, Alexicon1 here.
Just as a general thing to do, I thought forumgoers could post pictures of themselves as to enhance the community we all know and love. And by the way, no judging people based on what they show. Keep it to yourself, please.

Enjoy everyone!

Here’s me

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes
Tell me about yourselves

This is my Highschool yearbook photo.





Giant pandas rule.


I hate my face.


I said no judging, not even yourself :slight_smile:


With a dead animal in my face


Don’t worry, in real life you can see the fun in my eyes. But not in this picture :sweat_smile:


Old pic is old, but it’s still the most recent one. :smiley:


Whatever, I’ll post my ugly mug here too.
Also, shoutout to one of the best cosplayers I’ve ever seen.


Me and one of my snowchasers this ones name is Zoom


Facetime + screencap



After when I placed 2nd at an IQ for MTG during Eldrazi Winter. Gotta shake dem dreads.


Directly from Porto Alegre - Brazil.


Wait, is he the fish or the mop?



I know, scrub right?


Yours truly :slight_smile:


sick bass dude! i’ve been thinking of getting a five or six string myself, especially because of my play style. if i do get one it’ll probably be more for fun though :slight_smile:


Definitely get a six-string, you won’t regret it! When I first got a sixer, I was never able to play 4-stringers the same way again; it feels so limiting. I’m at 10 now, and the ability to cover the full guitar range while also going almost an octave lower than a regular bass makes life so much better. :smiley: