Possibly one of the nicest game communities I have seen so far


Earlier (yesterday) I made a post regarding my deck and asking for general tips. The people on the forums (from what I have seen at least) are really nice people that are willing spend large amounts of their time to answer questions new players have to ask, or create huge threads which who knows how long it took them to make. With the tips given to me by other people, I spent several hours trying to improve on things told me to improve on (such as positioning) watching several youtube videos on it. The videos really helped my win rate out, and now I am on a 6 game winstreak on silver 13 or something like that. To top it off, this game is actually good, I am decently surprised it does not have a bigger fanbase than it currently has (I heard that the game has a very small fanbase). I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to all of you. Note: sorry for garbage formatting, I am really bad at it.


Nah, you learn the grammar/formatting eventually, relax. =w=/

Enjoy your stay as we bash ourselves onto topics of deck memeing and highly biased design/balance talk from a bunch of dev-wannabe-like nerds.


The community was nice because you were too. Hope you’re enjoying Duelyst.



I’m nice no matter what.


I agree with @halcyon98. Generally we are nice to nice people, it’s very…human, you know.

Thanks for appreciating it, though :slight_smile:

Wow, winstreak at silver for a beginner. You are good. Hope you won’t be burned out when you reach higher divisions.

You’re very special, bro :wink:


Personally, I don’t see myself getting burned out anytime soon!! Also thank you for the compliment.


The fanbase died off in 2016.

CPG made a very controversial change to this game’s core mechanics.


Way to kill the vibe. :roll_eyes:


Just answering a question!

I legitametly just love this game’s community and have had an abussive relationship with the game.


whats this?
you guys cant even make one new player lose hope in the duelyst community im disappointed in you all. :v

ow but welcome to the duelyst community enjoy your time here. :sirpenti:


You’ll "like"ly become familiar with me soon…:sunglasses:

Welcome and good luck!


Yeah mister, “I scared Mogwai off by playing a bugged version of Wanderer.” I was looking forward to seeing him try out Duelyst again :hot_face:

ack, the forums getting more content updates than the game itself. Feels emotes man :space_invader:


He left again for a different reason. Like he always does he temporarily comes back every so often, plus he was cool about it.


mogwai has to keep moving back and forth, otherwise he wont draw cards :zipper_mouth_face:




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