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Possible Q4 Update - New General?

:skull: Just return from the dead to post this:

Although unreleased, they looks like a major unit (general?) from each faction.
Abyssian Lyonar Magmar Songhai Vanar Vetruvian

This remind me why I love Duelyst and all my unit collection, too bad that Counterplay is fully committed in Godfall now. We might never see another update (Q4 or other quarter for that matter) with these units.
That’s all folks, I will now return to sleep with my Sajj dakimakura.
See you again on Q4… :sleeping:

ps: fun exercise, try to give them a cool name :smiley:


Looks like they would occupy 4 spaces.


I wish we had a Vanar General that could turn into Werewolf through BBS.

That would be so cool.


My guess is they are a part of general transformations.
The general turn into a big scary thing, usually end with the other side salting.
Either this or we are not dead yet.


You mean through some sort of BBS interaction? If the general has a built in wincon, wouldn’t that be a bit broken?

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Songhai - Okuzaki Dragonclaw
Abbysian - Petra Bonesplinter
Lyonar - Ludwig Shinecrown
Vetruvian - Saville Aspirant
Magmar - Zaratrust the Unyielding
Vanar - Sosha Wolfblood


Ayy they finally see daylight!

These were dooly bosses for each faction for some WIP stuff we had back in 2018
(I’ll see if I can get permission to grab some of the assets)

This was always a dream goal, I think Umbrella was a particular fan of the idea but implementation was always the biggest bottleneck and so it kept getting postponed :magsad:

Maybe Dooly2 Electric Boogaloo could set the stage right, there was always so much unexplored territory!


So it is not new stuff?

Crying in tears


Were they ever meant to see play in constructed? Outside of boss events?


Honestly I have no idea what they were intended for; besides seeing them in our artboard (and their names as “Vanar Boss” “Magmar Boss” etc) their actual usage remains a mystery to me.


Seeing this reminds me the hype I had 2 years back, when cards of a new expansion were being revealed here in the forums.

By far this is my favourite card game and it is all due to the amazing art this game carries with itself and the depth of the gameplay. Every detail is put into so much care, every animation, every minion, every spell. I think everybody here feels the same.

This game feels absolutely alive, IS alive in fact (in more than 1 sense, just look this forums how committed fans are after wating 2 Q4s without new contents or warrantys of update, and the Twitter comment section of this images at the beginning of the discussion). And I really hope some day, doesn’t matter when, this game will be taken again and be relaunched, and If well made, not only everyone who had played the game will come again and will be announcing everywhere, but every YouTuber and streamer who is bored of hearthstone, faeria, gwent, MTG arena, shadowverse or even autobattlers or whatever and discover this jewel and give it a try will know what a REAL digital card game is. I had to say it XD.

Each day, here in Spain, a small person visits this forums with hope in his mind.

PD. Really like the names proposed by watchdog001 they really fit into dooly. Really like the idea of being new generals and some non bipedal. About their bbs, I hope vanar being somewhat related to transforming into werewolves or minion summoning, vetruvian one spell based, Magmar one more controlish like stun (the crystals it has reminds suggest me imprisoning) lyonar one being artifact based, abyssian one being something related to frenzy or some aggro and Songhai don’t know but holy crap is it so cool. Also seem more like mk2 skins than their base ones.


It is seems like Duelyst is set in a post-apocalyptic timeline.
Lyonar and Vetruvian have the Robot and Science technology, they build Massive robots to fight.
Magmar and Vanar has the Biological and Chemical technology, turning their kind into super-mutated beasts.
Abyssian and Songhai are Spiritual Warriors, they worship the demon(or oni) and gain its power, using magic and dark energy to fight.

Introducing Tag Team Duelyst.


The Lions of the Sands
The Iceborn Behemoths
The Avatars of Will

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