Possible "new" Bloodbore Spells for the other Factions


Since the start of the spoilers for the new expansion, we’ve seen a new mechanic that changes the Bloodbore Spell of your general. So far there are the Songhai version that changes your Bloodborn Spell to Phoenix Fire and the Lionar version that changes your Bloodborn Spell to Tempest. Since those two factions are getting that mechanic it wouldn’t be so far-feched to think that other factions would get them too. The spells that the Bloodborn Spells will be replaced with so far were both 2 mana spells that had no rarity (so only obtainable through leveling the faction). If the Bloodborn Spell-changes for the other factions follow the same principle like the ones released so far, the results would be quite… interesting…

Vetruvian: Scion’s Second Wish and Cosmic Flesh are the options for Vertruvian and both would seem pretty underwhelming imo. Both need a minion present on the board and the most important form of minion generation in Vet is Zirix BBS and if you replace that with a buff… not so good if you ask me.

Vanar: Vanar would either be Frostfire or (what I think would be the chosen spell) Chromatic Cold. Frostfire is already in a bad spot and giving up your BBS for it doesn’t seem worth to me. Chromatc Cold on the other hand would be insane! And I think we all know why… nothing more to add.

Abyssian: Here it would either be Soulshatter Pact or Demonic Lure. And although the first one seems pretty underwhelming and the second one seems pretty broken, the choise would be harder than you might think. Replacing the BBS (for both generals) would take away their uniqueness, which makes Abyssian so appealing for Abyssian players (me included).

Magmar: Now i think this one could break the meta, simply because there is only one option. Natural Selection. Magmar already has a tremendous amount of removal and that would make it even more annoying for the opponent. If a card did this it would probably a staple in every Magmar (atleast Starhorn) deck.

In conclusion I think that this mechanic is really interesting and can lead to some really fun decks (and may even revive Starhorn who knows). But I believe that this can also get out of hand pretty quickly and will be hard to balance.
But enough of me… What do you think about those “new” BBS? Do you think that there might me other spells chosen as the “new” BBS? Maybe we can discuss a bit in the comment section.


Well, I like Natural Selection but I’d like something more flavorful. Maybe Tremor for a different type of control or Diretide Frenzy. I’d love Diretide Frenzy.


Yeah thing is that there are not common as suggested in thread. I answered samed and deleted message.


that would give magmar a similar cind of roar but i dont think it would be on the same powerlevel as the others loke phoenix fire etc.


But they are Common and 2 mana. Or did you mean commonly used?

@tripleicetea In a good or bad way?


it would have a lot of synergy with the rush minions in magmar so i can’t really say if its the thing magmar needs but it could be fun none the less


I mean common rarity. Those card you have when you start the game. In other it’s card you can’t craft.


Those are basics. But yeah, I get your point.


yeah but those you say can be crafted


Yeah, 'cause they are Common. But you meant Basic cards. I get what you want to say otherwise.


Vetruvian could be bone swarm. I’d be happy with that.


Well, like I said in the Sunbreaker spoiler topic, if the cycle is in fact “Replace your BBS with a 2-mana spell”, then I would predict the following:

  • Vetruvian → Sand Trap (good) or Bone Swarm (okay)
  • Abyssian → Daemonic Lure (too good) or Consuming Rebirth (meh). Neither of these seem likely.
  • Magmar → Natural Selection (potential)
  • Vanar → Bonechill Barrier (potential) or Chromatic Cold (possibly too good)

However, what I’m really hoping for are some deviations like:

  • Vetruvian → Dominate Will, Time Maelstrom, or Entropic Decay
  • Abyssian → Dark Transformation, Void Pulse, or Sphere of Darkness (the dream)
  • Magmar → Earth Sphere, Dampening Wave, or Lava Lance
  • Vanar → Frostburn, Flash Freeze, or Cryogenesis


those are some really nice ideals (especially the time mealstrom) but i think the current options are either just too good or too weak.
maybe we’ll see some new spells that will see play as BBS


Been waiting for a thread like this to express my ideas :smile: .

What we know (based off of Lyonar and Songhai released cards):
-4 mana rare faction minions
-gives the current general a new BBS
-BBS are based off of A 2 MANA BASIC FACTION SPELL.

From this, here are my ideas:

Vetruvian: Either Scion’s 2nd Wish or Cosmic Flesh


Personally I’m leaning more towards the Cosmic Flesh, as provoke could be a great tool for control Vetruvian. 2nd Wish may provide better Scions synergy (2nd wish is IMO the least played wish, as at least 3rd provides some form of range and 1st provides a cycle) and fits the scion theme, however I think Cosmic Flesh is needed to push the control theme of Vetruvian to protect the general.

Abyssian: Daemonic Lure or Soulshatter Impact


Both are kind of iffy to me, as Lure helps deal with threats while Soulshatter provides better/more swarm synergy to the Abyssian faction. I would prefer Soulshatter, but I would be fine with Lure due to the mana/turn penalty.

Magmar: Natural Selection (only 2 mana one), but I’d also think Dampening Wave could be a great alternative BBS for the Magmar faction (although it doesn’t fit the 2 mana basic theme, yet Magmar only has 1 basic 2 mana spell)


The usefulness/powerfulness of the Natural Selection one is highly dependent on the stats of the new minion (and I hope this one has either grow or rebirth to go along with it as well, similar to the Lyonar’s forcefield one). I would not be terribly upset with natural selection, however I think Dampening Wave could have a lot more usage in comparison, and is less situational to use in comparison to Natural Selection (which is dependent on the stats of minions)

Vanar: Frostfire or Chromatic Cold


I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t like either of these ideas. I would NOT want Vanar to get chromatic cold, simply because I don’t feel that any faction to have this kind of access to dispel. While Frostfire can be good to push Zoo and Vespyr decks, it also doubles as an arguably better face tool in comparison to Warbird. Overall, I would prefer Frostfire, or (if possible) even bonechill barriers.

You can tell I was bored before I saw this thread by how long I made this


I really hope that CP aren’t limiting themselves to only 2 mana basic spells, that eliminates so many potentially interesting card designs.


I know maybe it’s impossible but i hope they pick rasha’s curse as vetruvian bbs change.

Shut up,
I can always dream.


Remember for Magmar and having Natural selection as new bloodborn spell there are two options:
Option 1) Like Geomancer where NS PERMANENTLY replaces your BBS. This could be very unbalanced indeed.
Option 2) Like Sunbreaker, where it’s only changed as long as the minion is out. This would be more balanced as it puts a direct cap onto Natural selection’s removal: the minion with the ability’s attack. (example: if it has 4 attack, you can never remove anything with more than 5 attack with a NAtural Selection without losing access to your Natural selection.)

Personally, I’d love to see something unique and new for Magmar than Natural Selection. But that’s been my thoughts on the whole expansion so far.


People did this with grandmaster assume that grandmaster had to something with general then grandmaster embla changed that view.I think people are getting to caught up on the 2 mana spell rather than what would be a good bbs spell.

For example Magmar has Lava lance a one mana spell which would be more balanced than natural selection.Magmar would torture every one with unlimited nature selections unless they ironically put on 1 attack minion.Lava Lance can’t hit face is only 2 attack without eggs around.It would be a perfect fit imo and it would push rebirth decks.


Lava Lance would be pretty good and could make rebirth Magmar viable. maybe even Flaming Stampede


Err, Grandmaster Embla does have something to do with generals tho. She surrounds the enemy general in walls, that has something to do with generals. I agree with your point but don’t use incorrect information.