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Possible gor-scarzig bug?


I had a really wierd game today.

In turn 1, I play gor. I have a second gor in my hand.

In turn 2, my opponent plays scarzig.

In turn 3, my gor hits scarzig. Scarzig transforms.
My second gor dissapears?

Any idea why this happens?



I kinda can’t get which part is the problem.


It magically disappears from the hand! Never seen anything like that before.
If you haven’t yet, send a bug report from in-game.


Did it disappear from your hand, or did you summon it, but it never summoned? If it’s the latter, it’s an internet issue.


Oh, silly me, I looked only at the board.


The second gor dissapeared from my hand. There was even a little animation for it.

Submitted bug report.

By the way, how often do you guys find bugs? I tend to find 1 every month or so.


The only bugs I’m aware of are concerning Silver+Metaltooth+Kinematic and Grapnel+Sarlac in Strategos games; both reported multiple times I believe.
When Jesus Q4 will manifest, hopefully we’ll get it fixed :slight_smile: .


CPG is testing out the technology with which they will delete Magmar. The day of reckoning is upon us.


When a bug has an unique animation. :sweat:


Lol :joy:

It seems it was trying to transform into Feather Knight but failed to do so.


Some stuff I’ve come across but have no idea if they’ve fixed:

  1. Deathwatch minions benefit from their own deaths when xor is out.
  2. Random wraithling turned into na/na.
  3. I had some wraithlings and horror burster on board; I played DFS and ended my turn.
    The opponent hit horror burster, transforming a wraithling.
    When it was my turn, the DFS mana discount was gone.


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