Possible 3rd wish change


At this moment 3rd wish is considered to be a joke but in reality it is not too bad, the main issue being there are no dervish minions to play it on. We are talking about actual dervish minions you play from your hand and not tokens. Right now the main target for it is zirix’s iron dervish as most of the times it is the only viable target that will stay in play after you end your turn.

So for 3rd wish to be less unwieldy how about it gets changed to: '‘give a friendly dervish minion +3/3 and flying. If it is a wind dervish it no longer disappears.’'
The dunecaster effect makes it much easier to cast because often times you do not want to place it on a minion that will disappear.


I woud say, your idea and give them frenzy…OP…no…thats what vet needs :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems ok to me.


At first I was like “Yea, that seems reasonable”, but when I think about it more, the rush would be a problem.


how would rush be a problem? With the current iteration you can apply a 3rd wish to a wind dervish that is in the corner of a map and make it a 5/5 that can go anywhere now, the only difference would be that it won’t disappear at the end of your turn.

This is the whole point of my post, 3rd wish is to clunky because there are no good dervishes to cast it on and you are often forced to waste it on a wind dervish that will disappear along with your 3 mana spell (unless you have a dune caster but then we are talking about a 2 card combo for 5 mana), or a iron dervish. There are no other targets for the spell, so by giving it the dunecaster effect you will have more freadom to cast it on wind dervishes without a 2 card combo and retain the buff on the board.


To be fair, it’s difficult enough to generate a rush wind dervish since it requires an obelysk and those are Aymara tier dispell magnets


I don’t think we should realy rework it because it’s a joke right now, since most of vet is.

And with all the structure and obelisk support shimzar seems to get, I think it’ll be a LOT easyer to get out a good deverish (even if it’s just to fly over and drop more structures in a tactical spot)


Third wish is fine it is the targets not
spells. To fix it simple add

5 cost 3/7 dervish -no special ability

1 cost 1/3 dervish-no special ability

All that is needed is a sticky dervish ,the 3/7 that I mention becomes a 6/10 with flying with 3rd wish.3/7 means it is not easily removed.

The 1/3 a turn one play,You dont remove it the next turn it could be 4/6 with flying.It would be a good early play for Zirix even tho he can make a one mana 2/2 dervish and is good Sajj who can’t.

I would also like to see Orb Weaver copy whatever effect you use on them the turn they are played.So if you play first wish they become 2 3/3,If you play second wish 2 4/4


i just noticed that literally all dervishes have equal attack and health. why have i never noticed this before? and why dont they vary the stats more?


These are probably the best suggested changes I have ever seen for Vet


If you give it frenzy, you should at least get rid of flying, otherwise that is a bit OP (and this is coming from a Vet main btw). I think being able to move where you want, and hit everything while taking minimal damage WHILE getting a bonus to health and attack is too much for a card.


Have you heard of the phenomenon that is flying portal guardians!?