Possibilities for New Factions


Though it’s unlikely that more Factions will be added, if more were added: What do you think they would be and what themes would they have? Feel free to present your own cards and BBS ideas.

Personally I think the Aestari have the most potential and would probably interact with Mana Crystals in some way and have spells based off the trinity mandates and weeping tree.


Well, there’s definitely lots of design room for more various playstyles. But it’s really hard trying to specifically think of a new faction’s unique keyword to incorporate into those playstyles, and then also having two generals each with their own BBS that also synergize with the whole idea. One thing is designing a card or even a new keyword, but it’s a whole different matter trying to design a whole faction. To be honest, I can’t even think of anything new that isn’t already represented in the existing decks to some degree.


though i dont think there needs to be more factions and creating a new faction would be a crazy amount of work for the devs, its fun to just throw ideas out there.

in the centralized lore thread, somebody said something about an inxikrah faction as a male counterpart to the abyssians. the keyword could be “devour” where you steal the base effects of a minion killed. the faction would be characterized by apex predators and a super aggressive playstyle, but next to no spells and buffs that improve attack, but harm health.


In addition to the “devour” mechanic, what about a “survivor” keyword which activates an effect whenever the minion survives damage? It feels right for a faction that would hurt their own health for buffs, even if there’s some self damaging thematic overlap with Magmar.


The Male Inixkrah sounds pretty interesting. I could imagine it having lots of spells that have to do with Frenzy and +Attack.

The Devour and Survivor ideas are both pretty interesting aswell.


the survivor keyword could be a neutral keyword since sand burrower and BUR have effects like that.


It would not be impossible for the Aestari to have a faction but I believe they form the Neutral “faction”, don’t they ?
Anyway, having read through the whole valaible lore right now, carefully looked at the map, there is little to no possible factions aside from the Aestari and Inxikrah. Unless they add more lore. Again, that’d be strange. If I got it right, factions compete for the control of the Monolith. Which is in the middle of the world. Every other faction comes from the surrounding continents. My point is, lore wise, everything has been explored. And even foreshadowed, Silverbeak is mentionned in one of the chapters, which were written before Shim’zar. At best I think they could add more Generals, new BBS could be the sparks of new playstyles. Unless they add actual Neutral Generals. And Neutral Spells, which would still be Neutral exclusives. But it really wouldn’t work well. Neutral units aren’t really meant to synergise together.
And an other thing, the mandates are only “laws”, how to base spells out of it ? And the weeping tree is dead. That’s why the Monilith was built. So unless the actual game is based later in the lore, the weeping tree is dead. Nothing to do with it.

I just noticed I talked more about lore than anything else. But I think it’s important, everything is based off of it.


Well, those effects don’t trigger multiple times. I dunno, I guess it’s not that unique. :confused: I just can’t think of basic enough effects that haven’t been implemented yet.